Summer Ops Tournament: Basil Does Not Stick, Longobard Five

The 15th edition of the Summer Ops tournament has begun, with 28 teams on the starting line.

In Group A, Longobard made an excellent start, 5–1 against Sievers: two goals from Martorelli, a spectacular 1–0 overhead kick, Naka in the first half, D’Assaro in the second half and captain Marino, Belotti’s provisional 1. -2 for sewer. The new Ops del Basilico champions fought back but didn’t hit the fence in the first one, 7–5 in the Ace of Hearts: braces from Inglesetti and Audino, Sisty also scored in the first half, and Mantovani and Giammetta in the second half; For Never domo aso di cuori, revolutionized with 3 very young players, they hit the target: Gioia and Laviola for 1–1 and 2–2 and Rusu for 3–4 before the interval, Sinatra in the second half And then Laviola. In Group B, Armando’s pizzeria goes 2–1 at the break with Maestri and Borini after going down against Nightingale due to a goal by Orsucci Rusotto and suffering from the end to 10, then scoring from Cardi to extend the goals. For, again Borini and Bianchini, 5–1 final. San Giorgio won a hard-fought match against Sporting Malbo: 2–0 with San Giorgio Chiarini’s brace, then 3–2 Sporting Malbo. Brancalioni’s photocop brace with long shots makes it 7-5 to San Giorgio; Lephons serves short, but Andondi signs off at 8–6, ending the dispute.

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