Summer skirts 2023: models that are easy to match with summer trends

A guide to 2023 summer skirt fashions you can buy online now and take with you on vacation (or wear when you get back)

Summer rhymes with summer skirts. They are so intangible, easy to combine and ideally light for a suitcase that there is an irresistible desire to have one of them as a model. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to work with this choice.

Below are 5 trendy designs out of 18 shopping ideas to try right now:

#1 Sensual midi skirt

Reminds me of a slip dress. Sexy yet minimalistic, it glides over the skin, accentuating every curve of the silhouette. However, the flagship model provides it with an even more captivating detail, or rather, a kind of micro-belt that reveals a flap of skin between the stomach and side. It is worth trying this particular model to be the most fashionable on the beach and around it.

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Lena Perminova

Lena Perminova

If the influential woman Lena Perminova always chooses black silk (combined with a precious bra), you choose something more colorful. Like a Bananhot sarong-style model crocheted in mesh, or a similar skirt, also in silk, but in bubble pink, like Jacquemus’ hymn to the eternal passion for Barbicor. Finally, if you love simplicity but don’t want to forego a glitzy look, opt for Zara cotton with a jeweled buckle.

#2 Ruffle midi skirt

Dua Lipa already wore this Blumarine skirt last year, making us dream of the myth of ruffle skirt, or a skirt with details resembling octopus tentacles. Today, we can emulate this with many shopping ideas, even inexpensive ones.

Dua Lipa

For example, the Bershka model, similar to the one worn by the singer, but in black. Instead, this year’s Blumarine offers a side ruffle miniskirt, while The Andamane creates a “tentacle” skirt-skirt, but less blatant than the other two proposals.

#3 Long summer skirt with flounces

A classic that never fails to please, practical with a pair of trainers and elegant with a more or less high heel. Wear it like stars: or with a bralette, alla Leonie Hannor with a simple T-shirt, a la Kendall Jenner.

Leonie Hann


Kendall Jenner

The models to be bet on should be intangible and, if possible, colored. Like a shaded skirt from Zadig & Voltaire or grass green from Dondup. The more visible flamingo-effect ruffled version by Zimmermann is beautiful too.

Zadig and Voltaire

Zadig and Voltaire

For those looking for a more practical solution, here is Only’s long flounced skirt: also available on Amazon in a warm sand shade, this model is comfortable thanks to the knitted fabric that caresses the silhouette instead of constricting it. The product has an elasticated waist and, in addition to the peplum, three large flounces that make the image soaring.

#4 Short skirt in linen style

We have already told you about this model, a little yoke. It consists in a new interpretation of the long skirt-skirt (see point 1), but decorated with lace, ruffles and sequins. TO Rita nowfor example, I immediately liked the idea.

Rita now

Christopher Kane SS23

Bet on spectacular and expensive models. For example, a mini from Giuseppe Di Morabito with gold crystals or a spectacular 80s style from Oceanus. The latest, from a brand created by Hannah Attala, not only seeks to evoke a hyper-feminine sense of self-expression, but also strives for sustainability. The product is made from recycled and sustainable materials and completely hand-embroidered with Swarovski crystals.

Joseph Di Morabito

Joseph Di Morabito

For those who love simplicity, the total black slip miniskirt is the solution: Onsoyours offered a satin model with a high waist and two side slits, trimmed with matching lace. This finish makes clothing that was born in the world of lingerie, and which in the 90s (as it is now) proves to be ideal for hot summer evenings, even more sexy. A minimalist and equally mischievous Mugler proposal.

#5 Pleated miniskirt

Reminiscent of those worn on the tennis courts, white, soft cotton and simple, like the model of the miniskirt chosen by Iris Low. You also aim for a colorful model if it is playful and somewhat reminiscent of racket sports. Finally, pair it with a minimalist polo.

Iris Low

Gunni’s white skirt is romantic, but very close to the mood of the American actress. Mango offers a black version, while H&M has a more defined melon color for those who don’t like ruffles and lace.

When it comes to pleated miniskirts, fashion immediately turns to the college version, a trend that returns exactly every year when September rolls around and the back-to-school theme, which can be translated as back to work. Perfect for a vacation or homecoming, we chose this short summer skirt from Dreshow with classic black loafers, the iconic accessory of the fall-winter 2023-2024 trends.

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