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Organ trail
Western survival with Olivia Applegate and Sam Trammell. The only survivor of her family after an ambush, the girl tries to rescue her beloved horse from the clutches of ruthless cowboys.
(SKY CINEMA UNO HD, 21:15/channel 301)

Just cause
Felicity Jones in the biography of a feminist icon. Ruth Ginsburg, who entered Harvard in the 1950s, led a tenacious struggle against all discrimination between men and women.
(SKY CINEMA DUE HD, 21:15/channel 302)

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
The first chapter of the saga with Daniel Radcliffe. Possessing special powers, little Harry Potter begins his adventure at Hogwarts School of Magic and faces the evil Voldemort.
(SKY CINEMA COLLECTION HD 21:15/channel 303)

Fanny’s journey
From the autobiography of Fanny Ben-Ami. France, 1943: Nazi raids intensify, a group of Jewish children are forced to flee to Switzerland, relying only on their own strength.
(SKY CINEMA FAMILY HD, 21:00/channel 304)

Transformers 4 – Age of Extinction
Mark Wahlberg in the fourth chapter of the Hasbro character saga. Several years after the destruction of Chicago, an inventor finds Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots.
(SKY CINEMA ACTION HD, 21:00/channel 305)

The Hateful Eight
Quentin Tarantino Western with supercast. In a mountain hideout, eight strangers face threats, deception and bullets. Oscar for Ennio Morricone’s music.
(SKY CINEMA SUSPENCE HD, 21:00/channel 306)

Letters to Juliet
Amanda Seyfried and Gael Garcia Bernal in a comedy set in Verona. The discovery of a love letter that has remained hidden for 50 years sparks a poignant romantic adventure.
(SKY CINEMA ROMANCE HD 21.00/channel 307)

Last flight
Marion Cotillard in a touching and romantic adventure. In 1933, a pilot flies over the Sahara Desert in search of her man, who disappeared during an air flight.
(SKY CINEMA DRAMA HD 21:00/channel 308)

If God wants
Marco Giallini and Alessandro Gassmann in the debut comedy by Edoardo Falcone. An atheist heart surgeon finds himself in crisis when his son announces he wants to become a priest.
(SKY CINEMA COMEDY HD, 21:00/channel 309)

Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation
Tom Cruise in the fifth action film of the saga, produced by JJ Abrams. Ethan Hunt reunites his team to take down the Syndicate, a criminal organization dedicated to terrorism.
(SKY CINEMA UNO +24 HD, 21:15/channel 310)

Lost illusions
A coming-of-age story based on the novel by Honoré de Balzac with Benjamin Voisin and Gerard Depardieu. France, 19th century: a young poet squanders his ambitions in Parisian corruption.
(SKY CINEMA DUE +24 HD, 21:15/channel 311)

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