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Maika Monroe in a thriller set in Bucharest. An American woman moves in with her boyfriend. Alone at home, she convinces herself that she is being followed, and the city is being terrorized by a killer.
(SKY CINEMA UNO HD, 21:15, 301 channels)

Beyond the Dream
A touching supernatural movie starring Robin Williams. A man travels from heaven to hell to save his suicidal wife, doomed to eternal damnation. Oscar for special effects.
(SKY CINEMA DUE HD, 21:15, 302 channel)

4 Oscars for a western directed by Clint Eastwood with Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman and Richard Harris in the lead roles. A former gunslinger helps a group of prostitutes get revenge on two cowboys.
(SKY CINEMA COLLECTION HD at 21:15/Channel 303)

Spy in high school
Comedy with Miley Cyrus, an undercover agent. Hired by the FBI, a young detective poses as a student to investigate the daughter of a penitent. You will find some good ones.
(SKY CINEMA FAMILY HD at 21.00/304 channel)

Revenge and redemption in the action game with Jean Reno. A gangster from Marseille miraculously survives a terrible ambush and goes in search of his attackers.
(SKY CINEMA ACTION HD at 21.00/305 channel)

Boston – Wanted
Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Bacon in a thriller recreating the Boston bombing. April 2013: Two bombs during a marathon resulted in three deaths. The FBI and the police are looking for the perpetrators.
(SKY CINEMA SUSPENCE HD at 21.00/Channel 306)

It’s Complicated
Romantic comedy starring Meryl Streep, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. 10 years after their divorce, Jack and Jane find their passion again, but he remarries and is courted by an architect.
(SKY CINEMA ROMANCE HD at 21.00/307 channel)

The pursuit of happiness
Hollywood debut of Gabriele Muccino, who directs Will Smith in a breathtaking film. San Francisco, 80s: A desperate man finds the strength to start over thanks to his son.
(SKY CINEMA DRAMA HD at 21.00/308 channel)

my fake wife
Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman in a brilliant comedy. A surgeon seduces women by wearing a fake wedding ring and concocting non-existent family crises.
(SKY CINEMA COMEDY HD at 21.00/309 channel)

You only live once
Comedy starring Carlo Verdone, Anna Foletta, Rocco Papaleo and Max Tortor. After a cruel diagnosis, four doctors, skillful pranksters, leave for a vacation in Salento.
(SKY CINEMA UNO +24 HD at 21.15/channel 310)

Erin Brockovich – As strong as the truth
“Oscar” and “Golden Globe” by Julia Roberts, directed by Steven Soderbergh. A law firm secretary challenges a multinational company to compensate a population contaminated by radioactive waters.
(SKY CINEMA DUE +24 HD at 21.15/channel 311)

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