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So much emotion, so much tears for Super 20? Only the Institute staff knew the need for the club to finally win a tournament of the Argentine season (for something it sought to host the regular stage and receive Final 8). In an Ángel Sandrín full and sweating anxiety as well as liters of sweat, The team led by Lucas Victoriano dispatched Gimnasia de Comodoro with strength by 80-66 to stay with the Super 20. There was celebration, relief, drinks … but not for long because the challenge is renewed: Long Tuesday the National League and Glory is scored to fight it.

Whelan, MVP (Leandro Gómez for the League).

Whelan, MVP (Leandro Gómez for the League).

For four seasons the Cordobans have been betting hard but they had not been able to crown it. There was a thirst for revenge for those finals that escaped from the National League, Super 20 and even a South American League. To look for the icing on the cake, Victoriano arrived in June, and the team began to acquire the intensity that DT proposes and even demonstrates in every minute he asks. The 43-year-old from Tucumán himself, former National Team and Real Madrid, among others, had focused on the following: “We aimed at everything and in this tournament we were faithful to ourselves, to our game, which is from back to front, with a terrible defense”.

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His team thus began to show that he would seek the cup that way. Already at halftime the sheet showed modest 41 points in favor but only 29 against. Concentrated, they had only lost two balls against nine of the Green, and recovered six against one. In the percentages that mark the attack they were even, with the difference that the Institute had more with the ball, which, logically, had given it control of the game and the board.

Lucas Victoriano (Leandro Gómez for the League).

Lucas Victoriano (Leandro Gómez for the League).

Despite a reaction from the Patagonians, led by Marcus Elliot (scorer of the match with 19), who approached six (41-47) with a triple and a pair of doubles in the third, Institute never raised his foot in that intensity that made him stand out. And if you had to put experience to bank those key moments of the finals, there it appeared Nicolás Romano, who returned to the club from San Lorenzo, five-time champion of the League, and was the only one to achieve a double-double (17 points and 10 rebounds). The power forward hit a hot triple to stretch the leads again (50-41) and also to put the end to the duel (78-66 at 1m23 from the horn).

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Romano forms an interesting tandem in painting with Tayavek Gallizzi (13 points and 6 rebounds). But it all begins with the management of Gastón Whelan (10 and 6), the contribution of Martín Cuello (12 and 6 assists) and Nicolás Copello (11 and 4 goal passes).

Romano, figure (Leandro Gómez for the League).

Romano, figure (Leandro Gómez for the League).

Instituto was one of the most regular teams in the tournament (7-2 in the regular phase, and 3-0 in the F8), because despite having some ups and downs in different parts of their matches, the individual quality of their players gave them revenue to unlock the largest number of such games. In this definition, in Cordoba, he left Obras out first, and then San Martín in the semifinals.

And, as Victoriano said, it goes for everything. For the National League too, of course.

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