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best movie comics and games 2023 Begins the dance with a spectacular program: Super Mario Bros.The film which took off at the worldwide box office and currently ranks second among animated titles (Frozen – The Secret of Arendelle is at a very short distance), is the protagonist of a special screening – But not only.

for the people Superstudio Più via Tortona 27 in Milanpreviews of some of the exclusive content that will be a part of home video version he will come in Italy on June 22, 2023, Here’s an exclusive guide to the debut movie and world of the world’s most famous plumber: Chris Pratt, Jack Black and The film’s other official entries reveal what to know for newcomers to the iconic nintendo character, Kingdoms, power-ups, characters and much more: you’ll be ready to relive the best of the adventure that Universal Pictures brought to theaters.

Other exclusive content, edited by Anya Taylor-Joyin which Super Mario Bros. – The Movie double the only princess peach, Hands down she is the character who gained the most depth and prominence in the first animated adaptation: no longer a rescued damsel in distress, but a strong, independent woman and a leader for the Mushroom Kingdom. actress of Nathman in the video he explains what they are Tips and secrets behind their leadership Courageous and kind.

As far as Best Movie Comics and Games (tickets and schedule here), in addition, on these two days of the event you can also Pick Up Your Free Movie Poster at the official Super Mario booth.

The film, we remember, was directed by Aaron Horvath And Michael Jelnickwhile the script was handled by Matthew Fogel, View the voice cast for the original language version of the film chris pratt as the voice of Mario. they also exist Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, charlie day as luigi Jack Black as Bowser, Keegan-Michael Key as Todd, seth rogan in donkey kong, Kevin Michael Richardson In that of Kamek, Fred Armisen in cranky kong e Sebastian Maniscalco in spike. For the Italian version, the plumber’s Italian voice was provided by claudius santamaria,

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