Super Mario Bros. The Movie, what do Italians think of Mario?

Super Mario Bros. The Movie is now in theaters. As you know the protagonist Mario is an Italian plumber who, together with his brother Luigi, works as a plumber in the United States. A Kotaku reporter decided to go around New York looking for Italians to ask about the character. What do they think of Mario our compatriots? Do they feel represented by the Nintendo character? Or is he simply full of stereotypes?

Overall, we don’t seem to mind being represented by Mario, as you can see by hitting the play button.

Kotaku’s video probably arose at the end of the controversy over the dubbing of the film, i.e. the choice of actor Chris Pratt as the voice of Mario. According to some, it would have been right to choose an Italian-American actor to voice Mario. Others think Charles Martinet, the video game voice actor, should have been used. Still others believe that it is an absurd claim, also because the character’s Italian accent in the video games is already exaggerated and distorted.

After all, the strange controversy was not born in Italy but in the United States. Here he was dubbed by an Italian, Claudio Santamaria, so there are no problems in that sense. But in the United States, the actor’s identity is a deeply felt theme, which goes beyond Super Mario Bros. The Movie.

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