Super Rare! Nintendo Playstation Sold Usd 5.1 billion euros in the auction

146 – A prototype Nintendo Playstation rare sold for a total of 360,000 US dollars, or approximately Usd 5.1 billion euros in the auction, that was held recently.

The prototype game console super rare it is the fruit of a collaboration between Nintendo and Sony. The two companies named never plan to build a console game, but later on the cooperation has not been redirected.

According to the heritage auction, the auction house, the console sold more than 200 units of the prototype Nintendo Playstation ever existed. As of the auctioned yesterday, the only one left, while the 199 other units had been destroyed.

Console, Nintendo, Playstation, which are auctioned, it is known to belong to Olaf Olafsson, who was the founder of Sony Interactive Entertainment. The console was known as normal.

Olafsson brings rare console, if Sony and switched to Advanta. From there he went to Time Warner, but the console was left Advanta. Advanta recently went bankrupt and sold all its assets, including game consoles, rare Nintendo Playstation it.

Nintendo Playstation is the fruit of a collaboration between Nintendo and Sony in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Nintendo, if it was already entered in the market for video games the technology of the CD, is the property of Sony use want.

Nintendo, which, if it was already successful with the console-Super Nintendo-don’t miss him, of competitors such as Sega and Atari released a console-based CD player.

Dear cooperation with Sony, it didn’t take long. Just a day after Sony announced a collaboration with Nintendo in the year 1991, Nintendo actually has a new partnership with Philips announced. You change these later to the gaming market forever.

Sony, the have left, then you are developing a game console were given the name Playstation. The console is sold very best seller, and successful, as much as 100 million units.

On the contrary, Nintendo its collaboration with Philips is, in fact, the absence of a console that sold on the market. The sales are slow and far behind the Playstation.