Super sexy Kim Kardashian’s bikini splits fans: “It’s too much”

Kim Kardashian It has always infuriated its millions followers with shots warm, But this time posted the latest shots Instagram Looks like he has left his fans divided. the reason?

Ale’influencer and queen of reality Stars & Stripes has released photos of its new line Bikini Which, as mentioned in the caption, will be available in the market soon. but super shots sensual He didn’t assure everyone.

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Kardashian’s most famous sister after Separation Kanye West, has returned to invest her time in multiple projects as a digital entrepreneur (and not only), which she is. And, taking advantage of the fact that she has 361 million followers on Instagram, she often previews swimwear designs from her business. The bikini that best highlights her explosive shape and that inevitably makes her onlookers lose their heads.

But this time the brand’s new line of apparels ready for launch hasn’t convinced everyone. Kim Kardashian looks totally oiled up, shiny and irresistible. Her with other beautiful models and curvy models. But what is discussed is the material used in the shots and the choice of clothes used.

“This bikini fetish They are too many”, writes one angry user. And although there are many positive comments, the voice of dissent is not the only one. Within minutes, in fact, messages mushroomed against the choice made by the influencer: “You look like you’re made of plastic,” says one. the haters, “With 40 degree temperature under the sun, the leather outfit is ideal to sweat even more”, says another user. Who knows, then, whether many in the store will think like fans, or whether they’ll be caught as Kim herself hoped…

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