Supermarkets measures implemented by COVID-19


In the Chedraui “Auditorium” located in the colony Fifths of Federalism, in Zapopan, the first access is closed, the entrance is by the parking lot. A police officer remains a few inches from the entrance. In a friendly way remember that only one person should pass and when people deny that they are family, the police, insists, “only one member per family can enter”.

This is the measure implemented by the supermarket Chedraui at the national level to counter the spread of the virus while the people go out to do some shopping. The branch “Auditorium” looks semivacía and the people walk with their carts so estranged. No one is fighting for to be cared for in salchichoneria or by a roll of paper.

In the aisles of detergents and paper, there are some signs to remind people not to make purchases in a panic, “please, buy what you need, shopping aware allow that everyone can buy them”.

In the checkout line, they have markers on the floor for people to keep their healthy distance. On the outskirts of the supermarket you can see some families surprised with the measure, as children and couples waiting patiently for the member that entered them.

The branch “Auditorium” of the store Chedraui looks semivacía. THE REPORTER / G. Gallo

Lupita, attended in the company of her husband and her son but were not allowed to pass at all. “My husband came for a painting and went alone, it seems to me prudent measure”.

Alejandra, a buyer just came out of the facilities with two carts full, she was expected by her two children who were not able to enter. She says that “the measure is very good, we apply the distance, the store is not full and use my mask, I’m very quiet at home.”

Like Chedraui, other supermarkets have implemented health measures at the national level. In the chain of WalMartWinery Aurrera, Sam’s Club and Superama it is not allowed to access or of children or of persons of the third age to make purchases. For his part in Soriana allows the controlled access of people and ask people of the third age do not attend after nine in the evening since they are not allowed to enter.



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