Surprise announcement (?) for Travis Barker

Kortney kardashian is pregnant, wait for his quarter son, first from partner travis barker And the announcement could only be made in a totally unusual way, in full Kardashian style. There influencer Americana appeared during the audience The last concert of the cult band of the ninetiesI blink 182featuring Travis as the drummer, a big white billboard with the words “travis i’m pregnant,Travis I’m pregnant!,

Joy and hue and cry among the public, but also among fans on the web who bear the brunt shared the viral video, He is seen behind this ad hiding some secret: Let’s see what happened!

credit: @kourtneykardash via Instagram, announced during the concert

Pregnancy announcement: A surprise for Travis or a way to announce it to the public?

pointing a camera Kourtney Kardashian is holding a billboard that reads “travis i’m pregnant,, the crowd goes wild, Travis Barker walks off stage and the video goes viral. Aged 44 and already having three children with her previous partner Scott Disick, Kourtney is the eldest child of the Kardashian sisters and thus announced her pregnancy, as well as her first wedding with partner Travis Barker in 2022 . But not everything adds up. Because even though it may be a real novelty for the fans, a few hours after the video went viral, the two published some tender shots in their social accounts that depict Kourtney with a clearly visible belly.

credit: @kourtneykardash via Instagram The photos show Kourtney with a nice belly already

This detail led the public to think that it was not a surprise to the singer, but that he was in fact fully aware of his wife’s pregnancy and was only here to announce it to everyone. There was a way of

Some Speculate That Kourtney Kardashian’s Pregnancy Was Nothing New To The Couple And Family

famous song video all the small thingsBlink182’s Incredible Success, It Shows a fan holding a billboard with the inscription “travis i’m pregnant, exactly as shown by Kourtney Kardashian. In short, Kourtney Kardashian was pregnant, apparently nothing new to the couple and the family, but she wanted to say it publicly by paying tribute to a historic moment in her husband’s career.

credit: @kourtneykardash via Instagram A shot of the parents-to-be

In fact, it would be a media stunt by the Kardashian family (as always original and to incredible effect, it must be admitted!), who never miss an opportunity to talk. ,Overwhelmed with gratitude and joy for God’s blessings and plan», the entrepreneur and influencer then wrote on his Instagram profile.

Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant after a long wait

Now kourtney kardashian is pregnant And Travis Barker is preparing to welcome his third childbut this pregnancy was not easy, As stated many times in the famous TV series kardashian, sequel to the series keeping up with the Kardashians Which brought the family into the limelight, the couple immediately tried to have children, but to no avail. In one episode of the series they also talk about trying in vitro and artificial insemination, but there was really no hope. until the good news came!


credit: @poosh via Instagram, The Kardashian-Jenner family

Kourtney and Travis’ extravagant weddings

The Kardashian-Barker pairing is not new to the media spotlight. In fact, before this announcement both have been the focus of one rumored marriage proposal on the los angeles coast with more than two thousand red rosesand then ok two weddings Striking. First celebrated in Italy, a Portofino, The couple’s friends and relatives are present on the occasion. landed in Liguria perfectly for the festive weekend customized by dolce and gabbana, Not surprisingly, many think this wedding was also a publicity stunt A pact between the Italian brand and the most influential family ever.

credit: @kourtneykardash via Instagram Wedding at Portofino, customized by Dolce & Gabbana

other (drama) festivals were celebrated instead completely by surprise in las vegas, couple open their sheath rock souls And got married perfectly with a leather jacket, combat boots and an Elvis Presley impersonation.

credit: Instagram, @kourtneykardash via The Vegas Wedding

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Girls, we wish the couple a very happy birthday and we just have to wait to know the gender and name of the newborn. What did you think about it? do you like them? Did you expect this? Tell us in the comments. A hug and see you soon, TeamClio!

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