surprise appearance after canceling tour

Good news for Justin Bieber, but also for all his fans. As is known, Justin Bieber has decided to cancel many stages of his world tour, namely the Justice World Tourdue – it is thought – to his health problems.
However, just in these days, Justin Bieber has risen (surprisingly) on stage at the Rolling LoudCalifornia as a special guest of trapper (and friend) Don Toliver.
The song they sang in front of the audience is “Private Landing”, a song born of the collaboration between Justin Bieber And Don Tolive.
They talked about it Philip Ferraro And Francesca Romana D’Andrea in this RDS Music For You which you can see and hear here.

Justin Bieber: the performance at Rolling Loud California

The audience of Rolling LoudCalifornia greeted Justin Bieber with a standing ovations, in disbelief at what was happening on stage. The performance lasted about two minutes, short compared to the duration of a real concert, but it is still significant news if we take into account that the singer had to cancel many stages of his world tour: the concerts cancelled, to date , I’m well 82.

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