Surprise in Hollywood: Ruby Rose left Batwoman after confirmed the second season


Surprise: the actress Ruby Rose was Batwoman Source: File


he said recently a

second season


has just lost its hero

in the way. The actress

Ruby Rose

surprised at all


to announce that it leaves the series in Argentina issued


a few days after they confirm their continuity.

The reaction was immediate, both the studies


as the television network CW, which is responsible for emission in the united States, announced that the second season of


will continue with a new actress

. The series shows

Katy Kane

the first heroine to openly lesbian to be issued by the DC universe,

performed by Rose.

Warner and Greg Berlanti, pointed out that the replacement for Rose will be in addition to a figure identified with that community.

Trailer of “Batwoman” – Source: HBO


I made the difficult decision not to return in the second season. It is not something that has been settled to the light

, “he said


in a statement, without specifying the reasons for which they decided to leave


The press of Hollywood associated immediately that attitude with the physical problems that the actress had to face as a result of the demands of his character. At the end of September, 2019, it was revealed that Rose had to undergo an urgent intervention after suffering two herniated disks, an injury that left her in that moment almost to a standstill. The series had made its renewal after

to meet the expectations