Susana Dosamantes Defends Her Daughter Paulina Rubio From Criticism for “Selling Greetings”

Paulina Rubio

The actress says that due to the economic crisis for the artistic union, what her singing daughter does is ethical.

Susana Dosamantes comes out in defense of her daughter Paulina Rubio, who criticizes her for selling virtual greetings and congratulations since the economic situation is complicated due to the pandemic.

“I believe that all the work that is honest is good, because she did not marry any millionaire, nor did she inherit millions of mine. We are working people like you and we have to work, it is commendable that I do something healthy, decent, and correct, “said the actress.

Susana declared that Paulina is a mother who has to support her two children: “She is a good girl who supports her children, and that she is a great artist, we must applaud her.”

The actress thus referred to those who have spoken ill of her daughter: “There is never a lack of malicious gossip, but we are work people, good people and we keep working and we keep fighting. I am very sorry for the people who criticize, they must be millionaires and they must be ‘scratching their guts’ “.


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