Suspended to two models show their breasts in the stands of the stadium of Washington on a full World Series


At the moment the launcher is designed to send the ball to the home, two recognized models got the shirt, allegedly with the order to conduct a campaign in favour of the fight against breast cancer.

By Drafting MiamiDiario

The World Series 2019 between the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros have been of infarction in all their presentations, however not only for baseball, but through other, non-sporting, such as the case of the models, Julia Rose and Lauren Sommer, who showed their breasts in a full stadium during the fifth commitment last Sunday, distracting as well to the pitcher turn to Gerrit Cole.

After this incident, Major League Baseball (MLB) has stated that both are suspended and not be allowed to enter any party belonging to the National League of such competition, or at least I published one of them on your personal Twitter account. In addition, it is clear that the time spread at the global level, viralizándose all. In the charter of the organization, ensured that both “violated the code of conduct to be exposed as well during the seventh inning to distract the ‘pitcher’ of the Stars, Gerrit Cole, when he was on the mound”.

Rose is the founder of the magazine ShagMag and apparently everything was planned for a charity that would do next to this. “To clarify: Yes, we knew that we vetarían, the cards are real and we would do so again. The important thing, please subscribe to ‘ShagMag’ because the money goes directly to pay for treatments to women with breast cancer”, said on Twitter.

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