Suunto Release a Wearable brand-new adventurers and lovers of Extreme sports


Suunto-7. (Doc: Suunto)

More Suunto 7 is the wearable of the latest generation of artificial companies that already comes with the OS from Google.

Not only that, smartwatch it is also equipped with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 to Wear. Suunto-7 also comes with a variety of cutting-edge features such as the sport mode.

For this mode of operation can be set, with the adventure activities of the user, including the Cycling, surfing and running.

To track sports mode also comes with a perfect accuracy, the track is running, control music from the watch to Suunto, as well as a powerful battery for 12, if you switch the mode of the GPS.

Suunto 7 integrated with Google OS like Google Fit, Google Assistant, Google Pay, and hundreds of apps are available in Google and it comes up with the message, shockproof, waterproof and also dirt-repellent.