Suzy Cortez shows off her curves in a bikini that a few people forget to be


Photo: Suzy Cortez presents her curves in a bikini that a few people forget | Instagram

Outrageous!, Suzy Cortez is not measured, and we know that this could lead to a heart attack, you has downloaded, a great photo with a bikini top in leather little forget.

In the picture is the model of international exchange on account of his Instagram officially, you can see that she is the Queen of coquetry, and know very well conquer the whole world with his photographs.

Cortez put very flirtatious with a huge black leather bikini, which allows him to see how perfect your silhouette, curvaceous, and well, they say that less is more, this time adding a fishnet stockings, and even more courage.

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Check out the huge photography here.

With this picture, Suzy is a very good morning to all his followers, which is sure to have started your day on the right foot.

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Hello my dear, wrote miss Bumbum, next to the photo.

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The publication was 5 hours ago and already counts more than 7 thousand likes and comments without end, praising the beauty and the perfection of the anatomy of the model of international format.

Suzy Cortez white, such as the approval of Internet users, which is why you often promoting your site. exclusive content where you can much more to see.