Sveltia and La Internacional organize the first face-to-face meeting on technology and injectables in aesthetic medicine – Comercio y Justicia

Academia Sveltia, together with Distribuidora La Internacional, organize the first face-to-face meeting of aesthetic medicine entitled “Protocols of the Future, Empowering Technology & Injectables”, which will take place on next Saturday 27 in this city.

It is a theoretical and demonstrative training, in which topics such as the use of enzymes and high intensity magnetic pulses, mixed techniques of application in facial and body treatments between injectables and technologies, among others, will be discussed. It will take place in Calle Caseros 248, between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM, and is aimed at doctors and professionals linked to the specialty and interested in updating themselves on the latest trends in therapies and treatments.

For the realization of this event, both national companies -the manufacturer of aesthetic medicine and physiotherapy equipment with more than a decade in the national market and the laboratory of pharmaceutical products- “joined their efforts to organize this event considered one of the most important in the interior of the country in terms of quality and academic and professional prestige. In addition, it is the first face-to-face meeting within the field after the pandemic and one of the most qualified in the matter, ”explained the doctor. Gabriela Corin, co-director of Academia Sveltia with her colleague Mariela Pujol.

Among the speakers of the training stands out the presence of world-renowned professionals such as the doctor Sergio Escobar with doctors Silvana D’Angelo and Luisa Figueroa.

“We are very happy to be able to resume these face-to-face trainings, which will have all the necessary and required prevention measures to carry them out. We understand technology and innovation as fundamental pillars to move towards the future and this is a demonstration that in Argentina, and especially in the interior of the country, we can organize these high-level academic meetings and provide this type of training to our doctors, ”Corin said.

“Today, everything related to aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery and regenerative gynecology is booming both in the country and in the world. That is why we are organizing this meeting, which today is the largest in the interior of the country ”, assured the professional.

“Those of us in charge of these events are doctors and university professors. Among our achievements, we highlight the creation of laser units in different hospitals, such as those of the Córdoba and Buenos Aires Clinics, and the work we do in the laser postgraduate course at the Córdoba and Buenos Aires universities, with links to world-renowned universities such as the Maimonides University and the University of the Northeast, among others ”, Corin commented.

The program will address, among other topics: “The future and aesthetic medicine. Beauty and new paradigms ”and“ Success in body treatments. Carboxytherapy: mixed application techniques ”, by Luisa Figueroa; and “Injectable Lipolytic Combinations & Technology”, presented by Silvana D’Angelo.

The workshops “Hands on, enzymes + high intensity pulses”, by Sergio Escobar, Silvana D’Angelo and Gabriela Corin; and “Live demo fullface”, hosted by Doctors Escobar and Pujol.

“This training is thought and dedicated to doctors who want to optimize their therapies and treatments in pursuit of the efficacy and safety of their patients in terms of aesthetic medicine,” concluded Corin.

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