Swab, euthanize and bury: What to do after a case of avian influenza is discovered in sea lions

In Rocha, dogs were seen running onto the beach and killing sea lions on the coast. “It’s concerning and we’re already seeing this evolution,” the leader said.

Jaime Coronel, Director of the National Agency for Aquatic Resources (Dinara), explained this Friday how decisions were made to swab sea lions, euthanize and bury them, all in the context of avian influenza ongoing. Affected species.

At a press conference, Coronel assured that the funeral was being “planned together with all municipalities” to determine how to mobilize all machinery so that it could be “most efficient, fastest and carried out in the shortest possible time.”

“Generally, when there are animals alive, if their death is not quick because sometimes their symptoms last for a long time, euthanasia is done in that case,” he explained. However, he stressed, This is only done if symptoms are found and there is no doubt that the animal has avian influenza.

They have removed more than 40 dead sea lions from the coast between Montevideo and Rocha; they were transferred to a specialized landfill

“I clarify this because during this season it is normal for some animals to go to the beach and be asymptomatic, so these animals will not be euthanized,” Coronel said. “We have been doing the swab phase, but we are in Such a stage: if there are dead animals, they are buried; if there are live animals, their symptoms are studied; if there are no swabs, they are studied (they have to be) euthanized and buried,” he added.

Coronel confirmed that dogs were seen running onto the beach in Rocha and killing sea lions on the coast. “It’s concerning and we’ve seen this evolve,” he said.

He said there were often packs of dogs on the beach and, to be precise, they were no one’s dogs. “In this case, the department director will consult the INBA (National Institute of Animal Welfare) on all the procedures we will take,” he commented.

He noted that “the need to keep animals away” from infected people was “raised at an international level” so that “there is no contamination of households or humans”. At the same time, he added, contamination from the animals themselves should be prevented.

“We are evaluating these measures minute by minute, but in principle there are currently no planned closures,” he responded after the measures were taken at Punta del Este port. “This is something that should be discussed between all ministries involved in the issue,” he concluded.

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