Swamp King’s Daughter – Daisy Ridley on the run from her past in official trailer

Arriving in US theaters on October 6, The Swamp King’s Daughter will mark the return of Daisy Ridley as the lead character. So here’s the official trailer.

After a long stay in productive limbo, Swamp King’s Daughter – a thriller that marks the return Daisy Ridley – finally set a release date in US theaters, where October 6. During these hours lionsgate then released Official Trailer a project that anticipates some aspects of a fascinating plot.

Swamp King’s Daughter Daisy Ridley Runs From Her Past In Thriller Trailer

adaptationnovel of the same name by Karen Dionne – published in 2017 -, Swamp King’s Daughter tells the story of Helena Pelletier, a young woman leading a seemingly peaceful life, but forced to come to terms with her past. Helena is really here daughter of the infamous “Swamp King” – or Jacob Holdbrook -, a criminal who kidnapped a girl’s mother many years ago, later causing her to suffer the same fate. When a person runs away suddenly from jailHelena will then have to deal with the trauma she tried to forget and make sure that Jacob can no longer hurt her and her family.

Thus, judging by the trailer, the feature film is ready to keep the viewer on their toes, revisiting the tension dynamics that underpinned the original novel. Daisy Ridley – known for his role Ray V Sequel to the Star Wars trilogy – plays the role of Helena, while Ben Mendelsohn – recently appeared in the series Secret Invasion – interprets Jacob Holdbrook. Ridley this is also expected in the new universe project star Warsdirected by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, and in biographical film about the swimmer Gertrude Ederle, Young woman and sea. Alicia Vikander was originally cast in the lead role directed by Morten Tildum. Then they complete throw Garrett Hedlund (Steven Pelletier), Karen Pistorius (Helena’s mother), Brooklyn Prince (Helena as a teenager), Joey Carson (Marigold Pelletier) and Gil Birmingham. Instead, the direction Neil Burger – behind the camera Illusionist, Boundless, divergent AND Always friendsremake of french cult Almost friends. Elle Smith and Mark L. Smith instead they took care of the script. The fall season becomes increasingly uncertain due to the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Swamp King’s Daughter so it’s set up as an appointment you can’t miss. It remains only to wait for further updates, in the hope that they too will be revealed as soon as possible. Release date in Italy.

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