Swamp Thing – James Mangold reveals first details of Cinécomic: “It will be a standalone project with horror shades”

According to the words of director James Mangold, Swamp Thing will not be the first chapter of a franchise. Therefore, the project is bound to remain an isolated affair within the DC Universe.

disorganized and crowded ten year plan of renewed dc studio — now led by co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran — one project in particular immediately captivated historical fans of the comic, namely the dedicated swamp Thing, the famous “swamp monster”. Described as an integral part of the DC Universe, the feature film – according to the director’s words, james mangold – however, would be conceived as a stand alone, No link to other Cinécomic and no sequel,

Swamp Thing – James Mangold reveals first details of Cinécomic

james mangold former director of logan – wolverine – After this he shared it on the microphone DiversityHis project approachrevealing that he doesn’t want to change swamp Thing In the first chapter of the franchise:

I’m sure DC Studios sees Swamp Thing as a franchise, I do too I consider it a standalone film with horror and gothic tone, This is a project about this human\monster. For years I’ve been trying to make a Frankenstein movie, finally I can do it. I want to work on something that is meaningful and works from start to finish,

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Hence, the filmmaker has very clear ideas about his entry into the DC Universe and is pretty sure that he wants to make the collaboration a separate affair. After associating his name with Marvel and DC Studios, the director has actually taken part in two other prolific franchises that he has signed to direct. Indiana Jones and the Quadrant of Fate – Expected to hit theaters on June 28 – More One of the upcoming Star Wars feature films, which will be based on the saga’s past and reveal the origin of the concept of the Force. Mangold is currently engaged in the production of a complete unknown, bob dylan biopic Among the all-star cast – Timothée Chalamet, Elle Fanning, Benedict Cumberbatch and Monica Barbaro. swamp Thing – also due to Mangold’s commitments – so it seems destined to remain a standalone, with a release date currently not known – the first of the DC Universe feature films is expected to arrive in 2025. The famous monster though was already the protagonist of some projects. In 1982 Wes Craven made a film with Ray Wise as Alec Holland – a sequel was released in 1989. USA Network then started a movie series in three seasonswhile a telecast aired on Fox Kids animated version of the comic, In 2019 we again tried to revive the character a live action show aired on the DC Universe streaming service and was canceled after the pilot episode due to creative differences. The series — consisting of 10 episodes — landed on The CW in 2020. As for Mangold’s version, just have to wait for the new version Update,

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