Swede Van Eckermann fails at Ascona

His technical baggage lacks speed and agility. After all, it is no coincidence that Henrik van Eckermann ranks first in the world rankings. And in the race that opens the curtain on the second day of the 30th Longines CSI Ascona, the Swede offers to demonstrate his skills, leaving everyone behind at Calisi. The generous Emanuele Gaudiano, buoyed by the success achieved just a couple of hours earlier, was not enough to trip up number 1. In the end, the Italian had to settle for second place on Nicolae de Musica, ahead of the Swiss Nicklaus. Schurtenberger (S-Steffra).

Earlier in the race that opened the 4-star circuit, as already mentioned, the winner was Gaudiano, number 26 in the world ranking, on a Vasco 118. He was accompanied on the podium by Saudi Arabian Abdullah Alsharbatli (Dancing Wolf OL), second place and Swiss Barbara Schnieper ( Escoffier), which pushed Pius Schwieser into fourth place by two tiny hundredths.

On the two-star circuit, Florence Schwyzer-Seydoux and her starlet de Maillet confirmed their excellent form with a second success at the Longines CSI Ascona in a race that alternated between Spaniard Manuel Pinto (Katy Perry) and the Monegasque. Anastasia Nielsen (Echos Son Z) completes the podium. Anthony Bourcard (Fifty Fifty Delacense) in turn put his signature on the other two-star race of the day, ahead of his compatriot Philipp Züger (Contessa SPM) and France’s Adelaide Loti (Daloa du Banco).

However, the Friday day was opened by amateurs, where the Frenchwoman Christelle Rambaldi (L’Apollina N) prevailed in the first race, ahead of two Swiss women: Sophie Bracelli (Evi), second, and Yasmine Wuest (Cara Pretty). The second race, however, was a kind of déjà vu, ending with the success of Swiss Nathalie Straubinger (Condor E) ahead of Austrian Lisa Galatic (Isa Cara), as the day before, with another Swiss Daniela Steffen-Baleri (Sinner) the only… newcomer on the podium .

Swiss Championship, Balsiger misses the exit

Brian Balsiger (Scarlina de Tigi Z), who was already a great hero of the last edition (when he won the Swiss Grand Prix Championship-4 Star twice), instead sent a clear signal to all the other national title contenders by closing the qualifying round. in the team, ahead of Eveline Bussmann (Virtuoso Semilli) and Alain Juffer (Dante MM): the only ones who completed the difficult route in one minute of the race.

From 14.30 we will fight for the title of national champion.

The program of the third day of the Longines CSI Ascona promises to be especially rich and exciting, which will open with two tests intended for amateurs (the first is already at 8.30). The 2-star test at 11:30 (with play-offs) will then pave the way for the final round of the Swiss Championship, which starts at 14:30 (second pass for the best starts at 16:05). Then it’s on to 4 stars with two exciting races to cap off a busy day.

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