Swelling and bruising. Dmitry Stupka’s wife showed how she looks after rhinoplasty

Dmitry Stupka and Polina Logunova (Photo: instagram.com/stupka777)

TV presenter and wife of Dmitry Stupka, Polina Logunova told how she feels after the operation.

The 32-year-old presenter and blogger on Instagram Stories revealed that she had rhinoplasty. Logunova had a curvature of the nasal septum.

Polina told how she felt after the operation and showed a photo after the surgery. According to Logunova, the operation had a positive effect on her health.

 There is still swelling, the bruises disappear. You need to massage. The curvature was on the left side. Finally, I breathe with a full nose. It’s a thrill. When the swelling subsides, the shape will be better visible, ”the star noted.

Photo: instagram.com/polinalogunova
Photo: instagram.com/polinalogunova

Earlier, Polina Logunova talked about how she was able to lose weight after giving birth. Stupka and Logunova are raising their daughter Bogdana.