Swimming Pool: Watch out for these susceptible diseases

Wednesday 02 August 2023 00:27

In the summer, you want to swim in the pool as it helps beat the heat this time of year. However, as a report by “Dosfarma.com” and “SaberVivir” news site collected, these public spaces are breeding grounds for various diseases that can easily be contracted if the necessary means are not provided. We can’t forget that heat and humidity are conducive to the growth of pathogens, and if swimming pools stand out at all, it’s because of their temperature and humidity.

Certain groups, such as children, pregnant women, or people with congenital conditions, are more susceptible to certain diseases. However, you cannot let your guard down as all swimmers can contract some of the most common diseases in the pool.

Summer infections can be avoided by wearing flip flops in the bath, not wearing a wet bathing suit for long periods of time, or drying your child’s ears well. They’re usually not a serious infection, but they can be very annoying, and there’s always a risk of complications.

These are the diseases you are more likely to catch in the swimming pool:


Although this infection can also occur in men, it is more common in younger women because of their anatomy. Sudden changes in temperature, dehydration, or wearing a wet bathing suit increase your risk during the summer. It causes symptoms of a constant urge to urinate, pain or tingling when urinating. Blood in the urine and fever may also occur.

yeast infection

These fungi are naturally present in the vagina, and certain bacteria can control them, but if the vaginal flora is out of balance, Candida can overgrow. It is very easy to contract this disease in the swimming pool if you wear a wet swimsuit for a long time.

Hong Kong feet

Walking barefoot in the pool can trigger foot infections because the humidity and heat create the perfect breeding ground for fungus. Athlete’s foot can cause itchy, red, and cracked skin. Onychomycosis (a fungal infection affecting the nails) may result if not treated properly.


Pool is chlorinated. As a chemical product, when it comes into contact with our eyes, it can cause a reaction resulting in conjunctivitis. Itching, a feeling of sand in the eyes, or watery eyes are common symptoms. If it is just irritation, it can be solved with normal saline, but if there is an infection, you must see an ophthalmologist for appropriate treatment.


This is the most common type of otitis media and is caused by bacteria in swimming pool water. This is inflammation of the external ear canal, usually caused by a type of bacteria called Pseudomonas. It is more common in children.

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