Sword Coast Legends PC Game Download Full Version

Sword Coast Legends is a cRPG game, which is characterized primarily by the fact that it is based on the fifth edition of the popular Dungeons & Dragons system. It was made possible by the collaboration of sudia n-Space and Digital Extremes, and the project was overseen by Dan Tudge better known as the executive producer of Dragon Age: Origins.

Get the full version of Sword Coast Legends Download on PC and enjoy the game now. The action of the game takes us to the world of Forgotten Lands, this time we have the opportunity to get to know the region called the Coast of Swords. It is an area that may be well known to, among others, fans of the legendary Baldur’s Gate series , although this time we are dealing with times a hundred years later than those related to the aforementioned games.

Sword Coast Legends PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

The gameplay mechanism is a bit like the Neverwinter Nights series, so the world has three dimensions, and the player can freely manipulate the camera. It is worth noting that the fights themselves are fought in real time, although of course you can always use an active pause, useful when it turns out that rethinking the next move may be the best solution. At the beginning of the game, we can also create our own hero using five races and six classes. Now you can get Sword Coast Legends Download for free on your PC, explore the amazing world of fantasy.

The story campaign is not the only mode, because we can also count on the Dungeon Master Mode , where a maximum of five players can clash with each other. One of them takes on the role of the Underground Master and oversees the actions of the four heroes. It is he who decides what traps will be in the team’s path and with which additional opponents it will have to face. You can use not only ready-made scenarios, but also an editor to create your own adventures.

While crossing the Sword Coast, we will discover what really happened there. On the way, we will be joined by other characters with various abilities. We can also invite three friends to our game. There will be five races of characters to choose from, with six classes. Try to play each of them and get Sword Coast Legends Downloadfor free and play. We will see the view of the game from above, but we can set the camera in various ways. During the skirmishes, we will be able to use the pause to determine our tactics. The creators inform that it will take about 40 hours to complete the main campaign. Dungeon Master mode is about creating your own campaigns and tasks for players on the network, we can also watch over the game in real time. We will have quite a lot of possibilities to edit such a game, we will get many objects to set up anywhere and many more functions.

Sword Coast Legends PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

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