Sylvie Tellier reconciled with TPMP out of interest: her sister denounces a big lie and atomizes it!


This January 7, the message of peace sent by Sylvie Tellier to her brother-in-law Jean-Pascal Lacoste did not get through. On the Web, Delphine Tellier, her half-sister, accused her of hypocrisy.

It is a transformed Sylvie Tellier that we discovered this January 7 on the set of TPMP. The day after the election of Miss France 2021, which she struggled to organize, then a  short stay in the well-deserved sun, to recharge, the boss of the company Miss France was this Thursday evening the guest of Cyril Hanouna.

An olive branch stretched to Jean-Pascal Lacoste

Trailed in the mud for months by the chroniclers of Baba, on C8, (in particular by Gilles Verdez, and by Jean-Pascal Lacoste, who is none other than her brother-in-law), Sylvie Tellier arrived all smiles on the channel. She accompanied Amandine Petit, the new beauty queen that the French has chosen for a year, on December 19.

And that evening, Cyril Hanouna explained to his team as well as his fanzouzes: “I would like to say that Sylvie is someone who has a lot of heart. It’s true that there are plenty of people who say that you don’t show your feelings too much, that you are cold enough. But I’m telling you, she has a lot of heart. We got to know each other, and she’s someone who is really into her thing and who loves the Miss “.

Opposite, very touched, Sylvie Tellier replied: “Thank you, I think you realized that I was sensitive when we attacked my family, especially when we said nonsense”. And to add: “I kiss my mom, I kiss my brothers-in-law, who will recognize themselves”. One way to make peace with Jean-Pascal Lacoste, alias the agitator, who has not missed it lately (and who was absent last night).

Sylvie Tellier hypocrite?

A scene of reconciliation which totally annoyed Delphine Tellier, the future wife of Jean-Pascal Lacoste. In the Instagram story, she judged: “And long live the hypocrisy. It starts to irritate me slightly. Seriously, it criticizes this type of emission, but to make the parade of its Miss, there it goes”. Sylvie Tellier has she really been honeyed with Cyril Hanouna and his teams to guarantee his new Miss France, Amandine Petit, airtime on television, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic? For his half-sister, there is no doubt …