Sylvie Tellier: this very (very) surprising photo of Camille Cerf in the company of a rich and famous man that she has just shared


While taking a tour in her archives, Sylvie Tellier came across a very embarrassing photo of Camille Cerf alongside a man… out of the ordinary

There are memories that we would sometimes prefer to forget. Fortunately, or unfortunately, our loved ones are often there to remind us of them. And for that, Sylvie Tellier seems to be the best!

This Sunday, January 10, while she was taking a little tour in her Instagram memories, Sylvie Tellier decided to share a very surprising photo of Camille Cerf in a full selfie with Donald Trump A photo taken on January 10, 2015, live from Miami. At that time, Mélania Trump’s husband was not yet President of the USA and the one who had just been elected Miss France 2014 was competing for Miss Universe. A competition for which the businessman was the boss, and would never have missed an edition.

A company thus making all its sense for Camille Cerf, despite certainly her remorse today by rediscovering this photo. A cliche published in the story of Sylvie Tellier who wished to accompany the photo of a very severe little caption, ” Like what everything happens in this world and not always the best reconversions, unfortunately. “, In addition to details on the date and the location of the latter. A legend referring in particular to the four years of the very eventful presidency of the businessman and real estate magnate.

This January 10, 2021, six years after her reign, Camille Cerf has become a talented host and influencer followed by nearly 900,000 subscribers every day. Recently separated from her darling Cyril, the former Miss France intends to devote herself to her career. For her part, Donald Trump, after four years of chaos in the United States, is preparing to leave his place in the White House to her successor Joe Biden. A transfer of power which has and continues to cause controversy across the Atlantic.