System funeral of Ecuador collapses to the increase of deaths by COVID-19


The funeral homes in Ecuador begin to collapse because of the rapid increase in the number of sick and dead bodies by the pandemic COVID-19.

Until this Wednesday, according to the map of estimates of the Johns Hopkins Universitythe south american country has almost 3 thousand sick and close to 100 dead.

According to the BBC, the province of Guayas, where is Guayaquil, reported, to this day, more victims for the coronavirus that any of the Latin american nations: 60 dead, and a thousand 937-infected (mil 301, in the capital alone).

In photographs it is shown that the families are forced to leave the bodies outside of their homes, while they wait for the emergency services to pick up.

The collapse of the system funeral is of such magnitude that the president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, he had to form a joint task force in order to bury all the deceased people, mentioned the BBC.

In some of the videos on social networks, it is observed how the hospitals of the city of Guayaquil, for example, are saturated by the influx of patients.

“I do not want to receive, are going to die. If I sack with tremendous Sun, the death of the lord in the way. Thanks to the lord God came alive to the hospital insurance los Ceibos, Guayaquil. Here is alive by the lord with an oxygen tank, but already almost died”, recorded a man with a voice desperate for the middle The Bird.

At the global level, are reported 45 thousand 489 deaths and 910 thousand 352 confirmed cases, according to information Bloomberg.

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