Systematic and non-compliant appeals by local managers. Request for issue of an application circular on fair use mentioned in the departmental note Prot. No. 3967 dated 19.08.2011. -Konapo

Subject: Hour Bank: Systematic and non-compliant appeals by local managers. Request for issue of circular on correct usage as mentioned in departmental note prot.implemented. No. 3967 dated 19.08.2011.

As is known, the institution of “Our Bank” is governed by Art. 19 of the Presidential Decree of 7 May 2008 included “Implementation of the Supplementary Trade Union Agreement for Non-Executive and Non-Executive Personnel of the National Fire Brigade” which clearly establishes in this regard in paragraph 2 “For this purpose, a bank of hours is established for each employee, with a personal account, in which overtime or hours of overtime work are duly authorized, within the limits of resources allocated to the respective budget items of the Administration.” Worked, and not paid, as well as hours worked in excess of the annually defined overtime limit, authorized by the Administration, and not paid.

At this point, following the state of unrest recently declared by the CONAPO Provincial Secretariat of Teramo in connection with the sending of personnel to the mission called for health checks in accordance with Art. 29 of the Presidential Decree of 17 June 2022, n. 121, contrary to the above contractual provisions and from a note of the Central Financial Resources Directorate (Prof. n. 15150 of 05.02.2023), in response to a specific question of the Abruzzo Directorate (Prof. note n. 6441 of 26.04). .2023), that “Recourse to the so-called hour bank must always be within the annual authorized overtime limit, A similar concept was expressed on 22.05.2023 by the Chairman of the Local Joint Commission and the Commander of Teramo with a specific agenda.

It seems clear that even today at the local level in many cases the correct application of the concerned institution is not at all clear. Proof of this is the fact that on this subject the Abruzzo Directorate considered it necessary to formulate a specific question to the Central Directorate of Financial Resources, which, in turn, sent an explanation to the Office of the Chief of the Corps and the Office of the Chief of Staff. Coordination of health activities and legal medicine, highlights the above findings.

We wonder how the Administration cannot allow recourse to a specific contractual entity which, in fact, personnel called for health check-up are considered for all intents and purposes to be on duty and therefore resort to hour bank. gives the possibility of

Taking into account the above, inter alia, recent well-known events involving the hours bank and in order to provide useful and uniform pointers that allow managerial staff to correctly implement the contractual entity in question, This OS CONAPO requests that a specific explanatory circular, was announced 12 years ago by the circular of this department. No. 3967 of 08.19.2011, through which it is intended to provide accurate indications on the concrete application of this institution.

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