SZA shows support for ‘beautiful’ Lizzo amid bullying and harassment allegations

SZA has spoken out in support of friend and collaborator Lizzo, who is currently the subject of a number of legal battles accusing her of bullying and harassment.

In August, Lizzo was sued for bullying and harassment by numerous members of her dance group, Big Grrrls. Designer Asha Daniels later filed another lawsuit, alleging that the Grammy Award winner’s employees were forced to work in a “racist and sexualized” environment.

Now in an interview with the magazine rolling stoneSZA was asked to comment on the recent accusation against the Juice singer.

“I’m just saying that based on the values ​​and the energy that I see in my friend, I really think she’s a beautiful person,” SZA said. “I’m just really praying that everyone recovers from this because everyone deserves to heal and feel safe and loved.”

She continued, “I just really hope everyone feels the same way when this is all said and done. Because that’s the point.”

Earlier this year, SZA said she was “upset” by online hate directed at the singer, tweeting: “Are you really good at supporting others or just putting them down?” She and Lizzo collaborated on a remix of “Special” this year, and the latter appeared on the final show of the “SOS” tour.

In the original lawsuit, former dancers Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams and Noelle Rodriguez allege that Lizzo created a hostile work environment, shamed them and forced them to touch naked performers while visiting a club in Amsterdam.

Lizzo, Mad Cool 23. Photo: Andres Iglesias
Lizzo, Mad Cool 23. Photo: Andres Iglesias

Lizzo denied the allegations, calling them “outrageous.” Last week she asked the presiding judge to dismiss the “false” case against her, adding that it was “disappointing” to see her character “criticized” in this way.

Her lawyer also stated that they “intend to sue for malicious prosecution after she wins her case and these false claims are dismissed.” He also added: “The claim is a sham.”

“Any claims to the contrary are ludicrous, and we look forward to proving it in court,” Lizzo’s team wrote in their response.

Two of the dancers suing Lizzo for sexual harassment claimed they “attempted to resolve” the matter “in-house” but were “rebutted,” while 14 of her dancers were reported to have received settlements in another dispute. A number of dancers from Lizzo’s Big Grrl and Big Boiiis also praised the singer in an open letter.

In other news, SZA joined Drake on “Slime You Out,” the single from his upcoming album FOR ALL THE DOGS, which has sparked controversy due to lyrics that reference slavery. Last week, she also teamed up with Jean Dawson for the spare, reflective collaboration “No Szns.”

Last month, while her legal battles were still ongoing, Lizzo was awarded the Quincy Jones Humanitarian Award at this year’s Black Music Coalition Gala.

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