Szoboszlai (19), the apprentice of a Christian by yearning Klopp


Although it is of difficult pronunciation, and has more consonants than vowels, it is worth making the effort to remember the name of Dominik Szoboszlai for the next few years. The midfielder Hungarian, vintage, 2000, promises to give much to talk about so much in any of the big leagues, as in the Champions Readgue. For the moment, however, continues in a Salzburg that is part of the fabric of Red Bull, and comes to be a whole factory of talent. But his good work has earned for that giants such as Liverpool and Juventus have their names underlined in red in their portfolios.

Szoboszlai is an example of precocity. With only 16 years he made his debut with the u-21 Hungary and was even quoted with the absolute even though its premiere at the dessert would be postponed for a couple of years. Midfielder with the right leg as their preferred, used to play fallen on left cufffrom where takes advantage of his good physical condition to do damage profiling to the inside.

As he himself has stated on occasion, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of his main influencesand despite the fact that by the time your level is away from the one who has reached the Portuguese, works day-to-day to build a present and a bright future in this football.

[+] Well played Dominik Szoboszlai:

Well played Dominik Szoboszlai, the apprentice of a Christian by yearning Klopp

Szoboszlai has among its main features an accurate shot with the right handa noticeable ability to tread on the opponent’s area with ease, and also a good ball handling to convert in a task arduously complicated by the fact that trying to lure him away from.

For all of this it is more than a fixed in a Salzburg with the one that has already shone in the group stage of the Champions league, being mate Erling Haalandand all indications are that it will not come out of Austria. The natural step would be to make the jump to the Leipzigbut it seems to be that Jürgen Klopp are you willing to make the extra effort that is necessary to recruit Szoboszlai in your Liverpool. To be ‘network’ or dressed with other colors, what is clear is that the midfielder Hungarian is called to be one of the great sooner rather than later.