Tab, Explore tab, Trending YouTube For iOS and Android Replace

218 few years ago, YouTube is testing a new way, so that the user will find the video-new video. Today, the YouTube count is in the Trending section, where users can find new videos that are popular. But it looks like the tab, Trending, these are eliminated. YouTube announced that, after years, to do this tests, which will replace tab Trending with tab Explore.

“We tested to Explore a new tab in the phone app YouTube called to Discover, not only you can Learn to access the video-Trending, but also a page for the category of the most popular content, such as games, music, fashion & Beauty, and much more–all in one place,” wrote the YouTube reporting from UbergizmoFriday (13/3).

For those who love the tab Trending, tab it will not be completely removed. Tab it is part of the register is to Explore the map. So you can still see the list of videos, the Trends are in the tab Explore.

For the moment, tab Explore, will be available on mobile devices both for iOS and Android. YouTube shows, whether it takes a couple of days before this change is visible to all users.

Editor : Ranu Ario