Tadeua in “The Divine Comedy”, Dante’s Journey


tedua is back with new album “The Divine Comedy” which boasts the presence of features such as wrap columns gu, marrakech, Hymnbut also representatives of the new school like brash, jolier, shame, rakomi And Abesta regiontill new recruits like baby gang, bnkr44 And baby yugi and of federica abateThe only female and one of the most loved contemporary singer-songwriters.

Instead the musical part was almost entirely supervised. Shun, chris nolan And dibla With the participation of other outstanding names in productions: charlie charles, sick luke, night skinny, jeff, daves,

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“The Divine Comedy”, Chapter 3 of the Life of Tedua

After the creative journey with the debut album “Orange County California”, in which the artist identified himself with the protagonist of The OC, Ryan Atwood, who moved from Chino (Cogoletto for Tedua) to the county of Orange County (Milan for the artist) ), and “Mowgli”, where he describes his life in the “urban jungle” of a large metropolis, is the third project Tedua has chosen to take on the imagery of the Divine Comedy, a A journey through Dante’s lands, from the abyss of Hell to the ascent to Heaven.

The album was anticipated by “Intro la Divina Comedia”, surprisingly released simultaneously with the video clip, already at #1 in the charts. top 50 on Spotify. The song opens with the youthful voice of fourteen-year-old Tedua, who first tries her hand at rhyming, but the fast bars break immediately, setting the tone for an emotional climax in which the artist’s imagination shows no sign of sparing itself. Shows: From childhood troubles to street experiences to revenge. not with the crown of a king but “surrounded by the awareness of”leader of the rebellionTedua is ready to lead his personal revolution, shouting his manifesto and his story at the top of his lungs.

The entire recording project is characterized by a succession of literary references and references to Dante’s universe, which intersect and overlap with personal events, quotes taken from his past and his artistic repertoire, which have made him one of the most beloved and respected artists . and international scene.

hell and purgatory

Both covers of “The Divine Comedy”, inspired by torture and athellCaptured by Photographer and Creative Director david lachapelle, one of the most important names in contemporary photography. Discovered by Andy Warhol, LaChapelle is one of the photographers who has taken iconic shots for the likes of Madonna, Tupac Shakur, Lana Del Rey, Eminem, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Rihanna and many others who have shaped current pop imagery. Most marked. Travis Scott and actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Uma Thurman, Elizabeth Taylor, River Phoenix and many more.

In the making of the first cover, “refinement”The visionary photographer may have been inspired by the engravings of the British poet and painter William Blake (1757–1827), author of one of the most famous paintings of the Divine Comedy, characterized by circular and twisting movements. especially “Lover Tornado” This is the parable that most inspired the photographer, in a composition in which bodies cleansed of sin rise to heaven.

A Hawaiian volcano, taken along the slopes of the cover “hell” It depicts Tedua with a tattered work suit, going through a hellish cycle, in an almost lunar landscape where a spectral figure holds him in place and at the same time holds himself back. This is a special futuristic 3D sculpture, which almost seem to represent the arms of the souls of sinners who surround the singer as he passes through Hell.

dates on Tedua’s “The Divine Comedy Tour”.

Tedua also announced his live return Together “The Divine Comedy Tour”a series of placements in the hall Where fans can see the artist live from this month october, With over 70,000 tickets sold to date, the dates have sold out 5 times, with the three live shows at the Mediolanum Forum in Milan already sold out. Three dates were announced at the start of the tour and 10 dates have already taken place, thus marking their live return after more than four years. Tickets on Ticketone and Ticketmaster.

Saturday 28 October 2023 | Jesolo, Palazzo del Turismo – date zero
Saturday 04 November 2023 | Florence, Mandela Forum
Thursday 09 November 2023 | Rome, Palazzo dello Sport – sold out
Saturday 11 November 2023 | Genoa, Stadium – sold out
Monday November 13, 2023 | Milan, Mediolanum Forum – sold out
Monday 04 December 2023 | Milan, Mediolanum Forum – sold out
Tuesday 05 December 2023 | Milan, Mediolanum Forum – sold out
Friday 08 December 2023 | Bologna, Unipol Arena
Sunday 10 December 2023 | Naples, Palapartenope
Tuesday, December 12, 2023 | Turin, Pala Alpitore

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