Taekwondo European Junior Championships 2023: Italian squad for the event

After a summer break of several weeks, recovery international taekwondo activities it is and will be really intense. In fact, at the gate are European Junior Championships 2023, which will be held from 23 to 26 August in Tallinn.

For viewing in Estonian soil, Italy prepares carefully the opportunity to count on an extended expedition that wants to get the most medals.

There will actually be 19 azzurris called, specifically 9 youths and 10 youths. Let’s see in detail the list and in what weight categories they will fight.

Martina Fantoni (-42 kg), Adele Del Vecchio (-44 kg), Rose Bambi (-46 kg), Anna Fossaceca (-49 kg), Anna Frassica (-52 kg), Antea Mangione (-55 kg), Greta Calvara (-59 kg), Martin Dalla Vecchia (-63 kg), Alexandra Boccadamo (-68 kg).

Junior Male
Mattia Floridia (-45 kg), Ignazio Federico Cavallaro (-48 kg), Riccardo Pastore (-51 kg), Ludovico Yurlaro (-55 kg), Pietro Vassallo (-59 kg), Christian Santinelli (-63 kg), Francesco Scamolla (-68 kg), Angelo Mangione (-73 kg), Luigi Fegatilli (-78 kg), Matteo De Angelis (+78 kg).

Photo: FITA

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