Are we sure that what Massimo Segre did is different from what Shakira did? | Vanity Fair Italy

Let’s stop for a moment and think deeply: are we so sure that what Shakira did to Gerard Pique is less serious than what Massimo Segre did to Cristina Seimandi? The mechanism is basically the same: take revenge for your partner’s betrayals by exposing them in public in order to gain sympathy and understanding from … Read more

“My husband is in first class, me and the kids have to travel economy class.” After the antics of a woman in the network, a protest is growing: she is getting a divorce

Travel With family this is always difficult, especially if the children are small and can endure long trips to car, train or airplane. That’s why Pope he decided not to travel with them, but to meet them as soon as they arrived at their destination, but their mother could no longer bear it. This is … Read more

eight prizes won at Premios Juventud dedicated to children

Shakira (46) may be experiencing one of the best moments of her career, despite the fact that the serenity of her personal life has been tested… Already subscribed? Login here! SPECIAL OFFER PROMOTION OFFER ANNUAL €49.99 €19For 1 year CHOOSE NOW MONTHLY €4.99 €1 PER MONTHFor 3 months CHOOSE NOW SPECIAL OFFER SPECIAL OFFER MONTHLY … Read more

Britney Spears, Sam Asgari’s husband, now threatens: ‘I’ll reveal embarrassing details’

By now, the British and American tabloids have no doubts: Britney Spears and husband Sam Asgari I’m one step away divorce. According to some sources close to the couple who married a year ago, the pop star and model have reached the point of no return. OUR hearing one of them argue the explosives that … Read more

“They were an open couple, they only needed to be together in front of the media.” Latest gossip refute betrayal

Shakira and Pique are still at the center of the gossip. In addition to the volleys that the singer throws at her ex under the pop beat, now comes the revelation of a Spanish journalist who … Already subscribed? Login here! SPECIAL OFFER PROMOTION OFFER ANNUAL €49.99 €19For 1 year CHOOSE NOW MONTHLY €4.99 €1 … Read more

“Respect my children’s privacy”

Shakira in recent times has often been the focus of gossip: first for the betrayal immediately from Piqué with Clara Chia, then for the consequent (stormy) separation, then again, for the song in which there are 50 references to the ex-husband and the new girlfriend. The Colombian pop star has therefore decided to leave Barcelona … Read more

Shakira talks for the first time on TV about Piqué’s betrayal. «After the separation it was hard. My song? An anthem for many women

Shakira, host of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” spoke for the first time on TV about breaking up with Piqué, the footballer with whom… Access the article and all the contents of the sitewith the dedicated app, newsletters and live updates. Already subscribed? Login here! SPECIAL OFFER FLASH OFFER ANNUAL €49.99 €19For 1 year … Read more