low ponytail on curly hair in the new movie

Maid of Casselthe eldest daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, made her big screen debut in new film by Laura Lucchesi, Wonderful summer, in theaters August 24. Following in her parents’ footsteps, the 18-year-old began her film career as Amelia, a model who poses nude and enters the life of the main character, Ginia, … Read more

The history of the mullet, the most talked about haircut in history

She Tami Manis is 58 years old and from Tennessee.and has a very specific record: this woman with the world’s longest mullet haircut. Her “tail” – mullet, literally “mullet”, is characterized by the fact that short in front, top and sides and long in back – I got there Height 172.7 cm, last seen scissors … Read more

styles, colors and fringes, the latest changes in the images of stars | Vanity Fair Italy

Megan Fox he is perhaps one of the most chameleon-like stars out there, and the radical transformation that took place a few days ago confirms this. The actress actually changed her image again, ditching her long copper-colored hair in favor of a bold wavy bob, nicknamed by its stylist-hairdresser. Dimitris Jannetos, “red velvet bob”. A … Read more

Venice 2023: men in Laguna, the masculine charm of the stars

Actors’ strike in Hollywood can’t stop beauty. And in terms of presence of charm on the red carpet Venice Film Festival we can’t complain about the men’s team keeping up with the women’s team. All the best fashion, royals, celebrities and runway stories straight to your inbox by signing up to our newsletter. Men admire, … Read more

Venice 2023, Bella Thorne rocks the copper waves we all want on the red carpet for evening six.

After all, transparent skin is one of beauty signature always true Priscilla Presley naturally present on the red carpet, as was the case last year, accompanying Elvis Baz Luhrmann at the Cannes Film Festival: for her cherry hair to match the makeup for a small effect a vampire it lets her know. Meanwhile, on the … Read more

Cinnamon Cookie Butter Hailey Bieber’s New Hair Color and Other Trendy Red Shades | Vanity Fair Italy

From Barbie To Ariel, Disney’s famous little mermaid, it’s a small step if the runway for the most popular hair color of the summer is fought accordingly blonde And red abandoned all their most intriguing nuances. Indeed, in recent weeks there have been many famous people who have succumbed to the mysterious, seductive and sometimes … Read more

Smoothies, coffee and chocolate: smart additives

For several months, Hollywood stars have changed the scenery: no longer are they photographed leaving expensive restaurants or exclusive parties, now the coolest place to be photographed by the paparazzi is the supermarket. But not just anyone. It’s called Erewhon, and it’s currently the most famous high-end health food chain in the US, with an … Read more