“Lily Melgar, this song is for you.” Who is this woman? Then I attack my ex-father-in-law

Shakira does it again. New song “El Jefeis missing and the Colombian doesn’t disappoint her fans and we miss the references to her past. She “fell for it again,” Achille Lauro would say, but in this case, the singer does not directly attack ex Gerard Pique, as she did in “Session 53», “Monotone», “Copa-vaca» or … Read more

Shakira and “free relationship with Pique for three years”

Life Shakira she left after breaking up with ex-husband Gerard Pique (“Vasiy Cup“And new single artist of Colombian origin), but the ghosts of the past continue to haunt the 46-year-old artist (and Piqué). The ending of their relationship within a year keeps them constantly in the spotlight of gossip. First, Shakira’s discovery of Gerard Pique’s … Read more

eight prizes won at Premios Juventud dedicated to children

Shakira (46) may be experiencing one of the best moments of her career, despite the fact that the serenity of her personal life has been tested… Already subscribed? Login here! SPECIAL OFFER PROMOTION OFFER ANNUAL €49.99 €19For 1 year CHOOSE NOW MONTHLY €4.99 €1 PER MONTHFor 3 months CHOOSE NOW SPECIAL OFFER SPECIAL OFFER MONTHLY … Read more

“They were an open couple, they only needed to be together in front of the media.” Latest gossip refute betrayal

Shakira and Pique are still at the center of the gossip. In addition to the volleys that the singer throws at her ex under the pop beat, now comes the revelation of a Spanish journalist who … Already subscribed? Login here! SPECIAL OFFER PROMOTION OFFER ANNUAL €49.99 €19For 1 year CHOOSE NOW MONTHLY €4.99 €1 … Read more

Shakira and Rauv Alejandro together in Puerto Rico

Because she ended her relationship with Piqué, Shakira is the undisputed gossip hero. After meeting Tom Cruise, flirting with Lewis Hamilton and romantic date Jimmy ButlerToday, the singer of Colombian origin, it would seem, has a new acquaintance with Rau Alejandro. A few hours after the announcement of the end of the engagement between Rosalia … Read more

Piqué is challenged at the disco by shouting “Shakira Shakira”. And he doesn’t like it

“I am also a world champion. And you are nobody” rolling stone Photo: Europa Press Entertainment via Getty Images There revenge song still haunts Gerard Pique. When he was at the Fitz nightclub in Madrid, he was actually challenged by the audience with a chorus praising Shakira and didn’t react well: “I’m a world champion … Read more

Shakira returns to Instagram after moving to Miami

A few days after his move to Miami (where it is said he would have found a new love), Shakira wrote a message to the paparazzi asking them to leave her two children alone following the breakup with Gerard Piqueremained in Barcelona with his new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti. “At this time of change in … Read more

Shakira, in Miami with her children after separating from Piqué

After revenge songs, Shakira means business. To put an ocean between himself and his ex Gerard Piqué, he decided to leave Spain, in particular Barcelona where he still lives, and return to Miami with the two sons of the former footballer. The children, Milan and Sasha, are respectively 10 and 8 years old and there … Read more

Piqué talks about Shakira’s new revenge song

Rodolfo MolinaGetty Images After being silent for a long time, Gerard Pique spoke for the first time about revenge song Of Shakiraa song with which the former partner spoke publicly about betrayal of the former footballer with Clara Chia Marticlimbing the charts around the world making the song “Bzrp” (made in pairs with Bizarrap) a … Read more

Shakira talks for the first time on TV about Piqué’s betrayal. «After the separation it was hard. My song? An anthem for many women

Shakira, host of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” spoke for the first time on TV about breaking up with Piqué, the footballer with whom… Access the article and all the contents of the sitewith the dedicated app, newsletters and live updates. Already subscribed? Login here! SPECIAL OFFER FLASH OFFER ANNUAL €49.99 €19For 1 year … Read more