Shakira: the real story tells us where the heart is, the singer’s first success | Celebrities Estados Unidos | GLORY

Nothing happened and she made millions in Shakira’s career. At the beginning, in Colombian singermoved to Miami, USA, the situation became more complicated, and his calling went on a journey due to the collapse of his first two albums, “Magia” and “Peligro”, which, in fact, were not part of that official discography of a music … Read more

Britney Spears on Shakira and Knife Dance Video: “Lighten Up”

A couple of days ago, on September 25, Britney Spears continued to post videos of her dancing on Instagram. However, this time she demonstrated her movements with knives. Some saw this as cause for concern, but as Spears noted in the caption, “I started playing with knives in the kitchen today!!! Don’t worry, these are … Read more

Actress says Shakira plagiarized on bail: ‘She should compensate me’

Shakira (i) in her video “El Jefe” and Miriam Saavedra, the Peruvian actress accused of plagiarism. Photo: Twitter During the Spanish program “Fiesta de Telecinco”, actress Miriam Saavedra made unexpected accusations against Shakira. The Peruvian accused the 46-year-old singer of copying her signature baile move, known as “el baile del gusano”, and demanded compensation for … Read more

“Your employees should put your loved one against the wall when she passes.”

After publishing his latest “single” El Jefein that Shakira (46 years old) mentions to his ex-father, the father of Gerard Pique (36 years old), that the artist is caught up in a new controversy. One of his extrabajadoras, Christina Cardenastold how the singer was heading to the team she hired in Spain. Cárdenas was the … Read more

Does Ibay Llanos dream of being in Shakira’s arms? Streamer shares unusual photos in edits

Influential person Ibay Llanos He is one of the most popular content creators in Spain and also the most influential in Latin America. Since it is followed by thousands of people, it is of interest to many and recently caused controversy due to a photo I posted on the “X” account before Twitter. At the … Read more

“Lily Melgar, this song is for you.” Who is this woman? Then I attack my ex-father-in-law

Shakira does it again. New song “El Jefeis missing and the Colombian doesn’t disappoint her fans and we miss the references to her past. She “fell for it again,” Achille Lauro would say, but in this case, the singer does not directly attack ex Gerard Pique, as she did in “Session 53», “Monotone», “Copa-vaca» or … Read more

“I was abandoned.” And he asks for a million dollars

The young man claims to be the son of Shakira and Colombian actor Santiago Alarcón: according to the accusations of the boy, who is now asking for a sum of a million… Already a subscriber? Sign in here! SPECIAL OFFER BEST DEAL ANNUAL 79.99 euros 19 eurosFor 1 year CHOOSE NOW MONTHLY 6.99 euros 1 … Read more

Are we sure that what Massimo Segre did is different from what Shakira did? | Vanity Fair Italy

Let’s stop for a moment and think deeply: are we so sure that what Shakira did to Gerard Pique is less serious than what Massimo Segre did to Cristina Seimandi? The mechanism is basically the same: take revenge for your partner’s betrayals by exposing them in public in order to gain sympathy and understanding from … Read more