Tahiana Brown, excombatiente trans: “I Would have prevented it all, at the cost of my own life, such as in Argentina,”


Tahiana Brown it was one of the soldiers who fought in the The war of the Falkland islands. For 18 years, recently completed, was a part of the group, a C. Ing 9, which had its headquarters in Sarmiento (Chubut). He was born with Klinefelter syndrome “XXY”, and for a number of years, he has carried out a testosterone treatment. After getting married and having two children, she became a reassignment surgery, genital.

In this situation, it takes to be part of both groups they met a week ago at the Park, the Sarmiento family with a banner in the contest. Or, better yet, of the two brands, as many have tried to position themselves as competing and contradictory, without realizing that, in fact, encompasses the same: the defense of the the fundamental rights of all citizens.

“My heart is split in two partshe said, in a dialogue with the Overall it’s a Saturdayprogram , which is issued by the The Twelve. Asked about what he would have done if I were there, I said it “I would have prevented it all, at the cost of my own life, as I have done in the Falkland islands”while it is apparent that it does not tolerate “attitudes that have made the former choice..

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But he made it clear that to engage fully in the acts of violence that have taken some people, including some former combatants, he said that he would love it see it burn throughout the year, with the flag of diversity“but there is a the mast top up”.

The exsoldado referred to would be irresponsible of the City to put up the flag of the LGBT on the same mast, I was in Argentina: “I want you to think about what the mayor has done so without wanting to”, he said he was. In addition to this, he said, “more than one flag, you would have noticed other things that are more of a priority: “If we have a law that was passed a short time ago, keep it all, there is no inclusion of the work of colleagues who die while in quarantine, I don’t know what they live for these girls,” he said.