Taiwan, the use of GPS to Monitor the availability of a mask in the middle of a pandemic…



BANGKOK – Masks are important objects in the center of the spread of the corona virus Covid-19. However, the availability of the masks are often exhausted. In fact, the use of masks to protect a person Covid-19 may get infected.

To avoid scarcity, Taiwan has successfully developed a technology to monitor the inventory of masks in the country. This technology is poured, which can be accessed in an application, in terms of all of its citizens.

You do this by developing a system, by a software engineer, Howard Wu, by the use of the GPS from Google Place API, based on real-time reports inform the warehouse of masks out there.

The South China Morning Post” reported on Monday (16/3/2020), Taiwanese society is increasingly facilitated in the purchase of a mask. Easy to open the app to the public you will find out the pharmaceutical services, which is still a stock of masks.

By doing so, people will no longer have to bother out of the house and around the town in search of a place that still sell the mask. Simply by the use of a device, the public can demand that the amount of the availability of masks in health care.

On the other hand, the local government, increase the amount of production of masks in the country. It is estimated to have produced 10 million masks, every day, in the middle of the pademi Covid-19. With the plan, to the East, all the inhabitants of Taiwan to buy more than three masks, every week can.