Take advantage of narcos, the coronavirus to hand out food and try to ingratiate himself with the population


In the midst of the health emergency facing the country, alleged members of the The Gulf cartel delivered food pantries to low-income families in some colonies Ciudad Victoria,Tamaulipas.

The photos, disseminated on social networks show the boxes with the print “The Gulf cartel in the support CD. Victoria. Lord 46 Cowboy”. All contain inside food as crackers, oil, soups, cereal, tuna, sugar, maseca, coffee, and milk.

In some publications it is observed at least one hundred boxes stacked in what seems to be the back of a pickup truck with a trailer of three and a half tons. The products of the basic food basket were delivered by alleged members of the Gulf Cartel, under the command of “The Cowboy”.

A similar behavior was recorded in 2013, when alleged members of the criminal group distributed food to the inhabitants of Tamaulipas affected by hurricane Ingrid.

According to the information of the Blog del Narcowhile handing out the food were said to the citizens: “The Gulf cartel to which they are aware and know where it comes from, so they do not think that is the DIF or any other company”.

Although the The Gulf cartel it was one of the criminal groups more powerful and ancient of Mexico, the battles with their rivals, and the rise of The Zetas, weakened his influence in the underworld of the country.

The origins of the CDG date back to 1984, when Juan Garcia Abrego assumed control of the drug trade of his unclewhich by then consisted of a small business of marijuana and heroin.

Garcia negotiated an agreement with the Cartel of Calia gigantic structure, a colombian who was looking for new routes of entry into the U.S. market, after being affected by the us push against its routes in the caribbean. Thus, the mexican would take care of the shipments of cocaine across the mexican border, assuming all the risks, which would be close to 50 percent of the profits.

In 1996, the drug trafficking organization had already built a distribution network reaching the united States, from Houston to Atlanta, and from New York to Los Angeles.

The fall of the empire of Garcia happened when his heir, Osiel Cárdenas Guillén,leader of The Zetasdeveloped a military wing of the Gulf Cartel, and recruited at least 31 former Special Forces of Mexico to act as agents of safetyd, paying up to three times more than your previous salary.

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