Take note! Suspended activities on the beaches of Mexico to curb infections Covid-19


The tourism activity on the beaches of Mexico will be suspended to prevent further infections coronavirus COVID-19announced the undersecretary of prevention and Health promotion, Hugo López-Gatell.

In conference, the funcionarior clarified that the agreement that was issued yesterday with new measures to tackle the public health emergency, including the closure of activities in all the public spaces, where there can be more than 50 people congregate.

This means that in the framework of the state authority and municipal measures are congruent and the suspension of tourist activity on beaches, either to the international tourism and nationaladded.

López-Gatell he indicated that today you had a meeting with the governors of the 31 states and the Mexico city, where it was clarified this matter before the concerns of the entities that live from tourism.

By: Gerardo Suárez


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