Takes their side acid


Takes their side acid


ergüenza, fear of what people will say, modesty. All this Paty Cantú stated that she already had a bit, but the rest, what was left, was removed during the quarantine solitary done in their home by a coronavirus.

“I do all of my lives without makeup, if I cry, then I cry, if people are not laughing with me but for me, since I don’t care, I’m happy.

“I can’t let you see me in all my angles, human and humorous,” said Cantu in an interview.


In the midst of the uncertainty for the consequences of the Covid-19, his creativity has been unleashed: it takes a journal on networks, shares a poetic project (#100poemasdecuarentena) and premiered as host of a tv talk show on Instagram TV, tone acid.

Inspired by what makes John Mayer with Current Mood and Zach Galifianakis on Between Two Ferns, his project is titled Pillow Talks and tries to talk with fellow artists and place them in desperate situations.

“This mood sour, I found it cute. I think that we would need a short program where the artists let us in that place that is usually a shame,” said the interpreter of “I Break with Thee” and “Luck”.


Paty, who records it all on her own, disguises himself as a mannequin of your guests, and places like head with an iPad, from where the famous, connected in the place they are in, interact with it.

Has already had emissions and talks with Francisca Valenzuela, Ximena Sariñana, Tessa Ia and Chumel Torres.

“It has been chistosísimo, because people who I never imagined what they’re seeing. I got just a message from Maria Elisa Ayerbe, one of the engineering most important latino, recognized in the Latin Grammy.

“I love your program. Please, let me call you to help you solve the audio is better, I said. Also spoke with Fanny Lu, also what I want to do,” he said.


Although art has not forsaken him (preparing a disc which plans to launch at the end of the year), the guadalajara admitted that these days he enjoys showing off his essence without any filter

“I have spent years showing people who is the Paty soldier, the Paty who teaches the perfection of the position of ballet, but it’s not that she cried to get. That’s not who I am. Everything I’ve done has cost me a lot of work. Much of what I have achieved has been in spite of…”, he concluded.