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Our body is a sacred place, we must take care of it, it is our house, made up of various domains: biological, psychological, spiritual, social (family, school, work, other groups, culture and art), but the reality is , it is not easy to be balanced or good in all our areas, but it has to be part of what we do every day and our commitment to each of us. Epicurus said that we should practice the virtue of moderation, which means not overdoing or underdoing it, in his words “you can eat enough to be happy, but not so much that the next day is bad” . In psychology, this is an emotion management skill known as self-regulation or self-control.

It’s important to realize that our bodies let us know something is wrong in different ways, and just like our emotions and feelings, we are intimately connected. Here we are talking about psychosomatic illnesses, and most of the illnesses we suffer from have emotional roots. Today I am writing to you about how certain parts of our bodies are affected depending on how we process our emotions and feelings.

People with headaches don’t go away with anything because they think about a lot of things in a negative way that they are worried or stressed. Chronic migraines become less frequent when your thinking speed slows down and you allow yourself to take breaks from thinking or to slow down your thinking, because in order for your brain to function properly, it needs moments of rest and complete mental rest. Eliminate worry and your migraines will go away.

When you are no longer stimulated by what you see around you, when you do not always see things through the lens of injustice or misfortune, your eyes will become unirritated. Focus your vision on life lessons and learning. Stop being easily irritated by what’s going on and the eye irritation will disappear. Stop sculpting them so they don’t deform inside.

A person with a sty in the eye usually does not appreciate life situations from an optimistic perspective, but is always annoyed by everything they see and perceive. These people feel that everything they see is bad, and they would rather not watch it because it bothers them.

When you start listening to yourself without judgment with complete neutrality, love, affection, and respect, your ears will stop bothering you.

Your body is telling you through dental pain that you are having a hard time chewing through the events in your life. With the flu and cold, your body is signaling that there are things in your life that you don’t like and that you want to change.

People with tonsillitis have fears, emotions, and suppressed creativity, which are some of the causes of problems with the tonsils. This condition occurs when a person feels unable to “be themselves” or show how they feel. The person believes that this is a problem, obstacle, or burden to others and that it is best to suppress and silence his life and feelings.

People with bronchitis see conflict in the family environment as one of the emotional reasons for fighting, yelling, lack of communication, and silence as punishment for those who cannot communicate.

Sore throat, hoarseness, and laryngitis are symptoms caused by being unable to speak because of anger, or wanting to speak so much but feeling weak or afraid to speak. Loss of voice occurs when you let words get stuck or stuck, something that should have been said but wasn’t said, or something was said and then we regret saying it. Use your voice and don’t be silent or shut up about anything or anyone.

Your body uses your nasal congestion to tell you that you want to separate yourself from people or situations that smell bad.

They say that when we let go of our obligations and burdens, our shoulders stop aching.

I give you a big hug and see you next week in the second part of this article to learn more about ourselves, change our reality and influence others in a positive way so our light and that of others can shine.

Jessica Cano Gasperin | Jessica Cano Gasperin Psychotherapist

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