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Tales from the Borderlands PC Game Download Full Version

Tales from the Borderlands: A Telltale Games Series is an extremely interesting and addictive episodic adventure game. The whole mechanism of the game is based on a “point and click” system. As part of joint cooperation, the game was created by two studios: Telltale Games in cooperation with Gearbox Software and 2K Games, which created the base version of this great and fun game. This production is not the newest one, as it had its premiere over a year ago, in November 2014. It was then released not only in the PC version but also on consoles. It can be played on a computer with Windows or OS, as well as on all game consoles available on the market.

Tales from the Borderlands PC Game Download Full Version

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The action of this game is set in an interesting world created by Gearbox Software for the Borderlands saga. The story presented in this production is a kind of continuation of the plot known from Borderlands 2 . It shows the adventures of an extraordinary couple, i.e. a clever fraud named Fiona, and Rhys, who has been equipped with innovative, cybernetic implants. The player’s task is to clarify any doubts that arise when the main characters of the game tell their adventures. The player has to make choices, which then directly translate into the further development of the plot.

Want to get to know Rhys and Fiona better? Download game: Tales from the Borderlands Download. A great diversification in this production is enriching it with interesting shooting and simulation ingredients well known to all fans of the Borderlands series. It was also a good idea of ​​the creators to introduce episodes to the plot in which the main characters will be able to best use their unusual abilities, such as breaking into computer systems or using manipulation to achieve their goals.

The game is made in a comedy style and delights players with its fast-paced pace and fast-paced action with a lot going on. Interesting and very witty dialogues are a huge plus, making the game much more enjoyable. As befits any good comedy, also in this game its creators made sure that the player, once he starts laughing, cannot stop quickly. Both funny dialogues full of accurate reposts and great situational jokes contribute to this.

The creators of the game played the roles of the main characters with extremely interesting characters characterized by remarkable personalities. Rhys is an employee of a huge corporation called Hyperion. He quickly overcomes all career levels to finally take over the management of the company. Fiona, on the other hand, is a woman whose main way of life is to extort money from wealthy men enchanted by her beauty and personal charm. Enter the amazing world of Tales from the Borderlands Download.

The mechanism of the game is constructed in such a way that the player has control of Rhys once, and Fiona the next time. Thanks to this, the main plot of the game is shown from two different perspectives, which significantly enriches and makes the gameplay more attractive. This solution very often leads to funny events, especially in cases where each of the characters presents the same event from their own perspective, which is significantly different from the other character’s account. An additional comic motif is the fact that each of the two is extremely narcissistic in exaggerating their own achievements. Both accounts are supplemented by the comments of the genius narrator, which, when combined, creates an explosive mixture that leads to an explosion of laughter.

Tales From the Borderlands can successfully be at the forefront of representatives of its genre. From the very first minutes spent with it, the player can be sure that good and addictive fun is guaranteed from the beginning until the last moments. Interesting and addictive scenario, interesting plot, fast-paced action and fast pace of the game are just some of the game’s advantages that make it possible to spend long hours with it. In addition, there is a great creation of the main characters, as well as a huge dose of accurate wit, thanks to which the game will make even the biggest gloomy laugh.

Tales from the Borderlands PC Game Download Full Version

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