“Tales of the magical Botanical Garden of Naples” returns

The event celebrated its 28th anniversary. Autumn tales in the Botanical Garden. which reopened to his little viewers, from Saturday, September 16, the magical world of fairy tales presents a new series of performances.
“Five masterpieces on stage until November 19 in the usual itinerant formula with titles taken from the works of authors such as Charles Perrault, Brothers Grimm, Lyman, Frank Baum or what, in the case of “Arthur and Merlin“, the first show is scheduled for today Sunday 17 (11:00 and two performances announced for September 23 and 24), take inspiration from the legends of the Breton Cycle. Legends rewritten Giovanna Facciolo and the actors are entrusted with interpretation Adele Amato de Serpis, Monica Costigliola, Alessandro Esposito, Riccardo Radice with props from Rosaria Castiglione, Monica Costigliola, Rosa Rongone and costumes by Rosaria Castiglione.” Twenty-eight years ago, “the first performance,” recalls writer and director Giovanna Facciolo, “opened to our eyes and the eyes of our little spectators the charm of the magnificent garden on Via Foria. In autumn, at a time of year when it occurs less often, this magical place, revealing the wonderful foliage of its trees, would captivate us and tie us to itself forever.” For 28 years, “Tales in the Botanical Garden” of Naples was conceived and organized by the Associazione I Teatrini and the University Federico II within the framework of Sensitive scene with the support of the Ministry of Culture, the Campania region and the municipality of Naples, “they attract thousands of spectators,” adds the organizer. Luigi Marsano – creating a precious opportunity to know and love a unique place of inestimable value, protected by the precious work carried out here by many technicians and scientists of the prestigious Federico University.”
Journeys between theater and nature are offered for both family audiences – in 20 holiday performances on the calendar – and for school audiences, expected on weekdays in October and November. After “Arthur and Merlin” the exhibition continues “In the mirror of Snow WhiteBrothers Grimm (September 30 and October 1, 7, 8), Without cat and boots“, in which the fairy tale “Puss in Boots” is set in the vast expanses of a magnificent Neapolitan garden on Via Foria, starting with the famous version written in 1697 by Charles Perrault (14 and 15, 21 and 22 October), “In the kingdom of Oz” by L. Frank Baum (October 28 and 29, November 4 and 5), ending with “People of the forest” From Giovanna Facciolo (November 11 and 12, 18 and 19).”

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