Talka climate-affected toll reaches worrying 5,000

How is this going?

The municipality of Talca is making a major deployment on the ground to assist nearly 5,000 people who have so far been victims of the weather front affecting Maule and the regional capital, causing river and area flooding. The canal flooded hundreds of homes and damaged public infrastructure and private property.

What is the balance?

An update at 5:00 pm on Friday, August 25 showed that 1,448 blankets, 790 food boxes, 4,000 rations, 198 double beds, 210 mattresses, 210 pillows, 290 nylon cloths, 273 sacks had been delivered coal. 500 water tanks and 94 toilet kits.

How is the deployment?

The document stresses that social action has applied the Basic Emergency File (FIBE) and covered Villa Cerrillos, Villa Suiza and Villa Paradero, Don Renato, Pucará, Doña Blanca, Los Areneros, Villa Río, Mirador, Mantos del Río, San Miguel del Pi Ducco, San Luis and rural areas. In total, approximately 1,800 FIBE tokens were applied to victims.

And what about the rural areas of Talca?

In rural areas, a social action was carried out in Providencia, San Valentine, Aldea Campesina, Los Ranchones, Villa Illinois, El Albolito, Prisima, Porvenir, Food boxes provided, potable water delivered by storage trucks and road repairs, Callejón La Palma, Corazón de María (perfect), Buena Vista Alto, Buena Vista Bajo, El Guindo, Palmyra, Puertas Negras and Alto Lircay.

What other relevant data has this tragedy sparked?

An estimated 1,200 homes were damaged by flooding and flooding. As for the victims, approximately 4,760 men, women and children were affected, spread across urban and rural areas. Meanwhile, the shelter set up by the Javiera Carrera Educational Complex closed on Friday, August 25 at 3:30 pm to prepare and will receive students the following Monday.

Where is the focus of the cleanup?

  • Street cleaning, drying rooms: Villa Suiza, Los Areneros, Villa Cerrillos.
  • Disinfection of public roads with sprayers: Don Renato, 24 and 26 Sur (including access), Villa Suiza, Los Areneros, Villa Cerrillos.
  • Preventive channel cleaning with 2 excavators.
  • Cleaning of the Baeza Canal in the Americas.
  • Auxiliary channel cleaning.
  • A team of more than 150 city officials was deployed, including workers from companies that provide street sweeping and green space services, to support the cleanup.
  • Locations where disinfection operations were performed: Villa Cerrillos (20 houses), Los Arenaros (7 houses and a social headquarters as a shelter), 25 Sur west from Av. Colín, Villa Suiza, Children’s Dreams Garden (14 East 14 Sur ), El Tabaco), Villa Purísima, Escuela El Oriente and all health centers.

What is the health deployment?

  • All health centers are operating as normal.
  • The Community Health Department installed 12 new mobile phones for on-site care.
  • Hepatitis A and Tetanus field vaccination campaigns: Villa Suiza, Caserío and Altos de Lircay, Huilliborgoa, Purísima, Aldea Campesina, Los Guindos, Arbolito headquarters (door to door), Villa Cerrillos, Villa Don Renato, San Miguel del Peduco, Mantles of the river

What about municipal schools and high schools?

  • Mayor Juan Carlos Diaz decided to close classes on Thursday, August 24 and Friday, August 25, but continue to provide food to children and youth. Return to school is Monday, August 28th.
  • The resumption of classes will be in accordance with Ministry of Education guidelines, which have yet to be determined.
  • In terms of infrastructure, the flood-hit Prisma School remains the most affected campus.
  • There were no major problems in 18 institutions.
  • Leakage occurred in 29 educational institutions, and courtyards were flooded to varying degrees.
  • 2 VTF kindergartens have no problems, and 7 kindergartens have a certain degree of impact (leakage or water in the room).
  • The Juan Luis Sanfuentes School, the Carlos Salinas Lagos School, the Antupehuén School, the San Agustín School (Primary School) and the Liceo Bicentenario Diego Portales School have given notice that they will start a campaign to collect assistance. flood..

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