“Talking about love without taboos is a challenge. Bullies? Don’t let them turn you into the bad guy”

More than a masterclass, it was a heart-to-heart talk, was it? Alpha held in Piazza Lumiere moments after the soundcheck, as part of Waiting for Tonight’s Concert Giffoni Music Concept, The Genoese singer-songwriter, who answers to the name of Andrea De Filippi, told the fans and Giffoners present at the meeting himself without filter, as, in fact, through his songs, he has always done.

There was talk about music, but also about real life, including the delicate relationship he had with his parents: «Talking about love without taboos is a bit challenging. I come from a family where there was very little talk about love and music was a way for me to talk about it, To Giffoners he said: «It is said that with one’s parents one gets an opportunity to talk about certain feelings. After the musical parentheses I started having more conversations with my parents and I realized this was my stumbling block. I didn’t think they were the right people who could understand me, but now the situation has changed for the better,

So many curiosities that the masterclass participants were able to ask the artist about successes such as “encourage“and freshest”Magnificent”, From his connection with the South to his special tattoo: «We are having a tough tour but I would like to go back to the south where we eat like gods. my tattoo? I was inspired by the cover of Olivia Rodrigo’s album “Sour”, First I did three, then it became six and then it became nine. now there are many,

,I always try to surround myself with love and that’s what I want for you» This was one of the many pieces of advice Alfa gave to the Giffoners attending the masterclass in Piazza Lumiere. ,I was studying medicine and now I’m a singer, a universe of interests that are different from each other, and then we have time, it’s something that no one ever reminds us of. We are a performing company in which we do a lot of work. I worked thousands of jobs to pay for the recordings, I know what that means. what i’m telling you is don’t let yourself be worried,

In one of the most touching moments of the meeting, a young fan opened up to the artist about his bullying problems as well as his passion for songwriting. ,I had that kind of experience. When such things happen there is an anger inside you which you take out somehow, I did it with music but it is something which remains inside you anyway. don’t let the bully make you the bad person», then the artist, before joining in a long embrace.

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