Talleres classified Libertadores and Conmebol welcomed it

Diego Valoyes’ goal from a penalty kick in the 1-0 victory against Godoy Cruz gave to Workshops more than one reason to celebrate. Is that the team led by Alexander medina not only got into the end of the Argentina Cup and stayed with a check for 3,900,000 pesos to achieve it, but also, qualified for the Copa Libertadores 2022.

Yes, 20 years after his first participation in the international contest and after three years since its last presentation, the T will return to the Cup.

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Six representatives of Argentine soccer go to Libertadores 2022. The champion of the Professional League (River), the champion of the League Cup (Colón), the champion of the Argentine Cup (Boca or Talleres) and the three best positioned (Velez is classified) in the annual table. In this context, the T secured at least one spot in the Repechage if you don’t win the Argentine Cup.

The Cordoba team currently is third in the Annual Table of the Professional League, with 63 points. Either way, Talleres still has the chance to access directly, either through the same Annual Table or as champion of the Argentine Cup.

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That is why the classification of Workshops to the final It was also a reason for celebration for Boca, the other finalist. It is that in the event that the T celebrates in the Argentine Cup, it would release a quota for the Annual Table that Xeneize could take advantage of. On the other hand, Boca would also ensure its place in the Group Phase in the case of being the Cup champion.

The grand finale between Talleres and Xeneize It will be on Wednesday, December 8, at 9:10 p.m., at the Sole Mother of Cities stadium. The winner will receive a prize of 5,900,000 pesos.

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Conmebol Libertadores congratulations

After confirming the classification of Workshops, the official account of the Cup dedicated a message to him: “Welcome! @CATalleresdecba qualified for CONMEBOL #Libertadores 2022”. Also, in the same post, he added: “🏆 Will play the tournament for the third time in its history.”

The other times of workshops

Your first classification It was in the 2002 Copa Libertadores, after finishing fourth in the general table of the 2000/2001 season. Thus, not only did it qualify for the first time in its history, but it was also the first Cordoba club to do so.

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In that edition, it won 1 of the six games it played in the Group Stage, drew 2 and lost the remaining three. In this way, he finished third, with five units, behind América and River, the two who achieved the passage to the next instance.

The following classification was more recent, in the 2019 edition. In this case, the T got into the Repechage of the Cup where, after eliminating San Pablo in Qualifying Phase 2, they fell to Palestino in the last instance before slipping into the group zone.

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