Tamara Falco and Inigo Onieva: Why they still can’t get ‘pregnant’

Tamara Falco and Inigo Onieva had to wait before trying to become parents. The couple got married about two months ago, and although their wish was to have a baby as soon as possible, the truth is that the Marchioness de Grignon and her husband had to wait to realize their big dream. As you may have learned ten minutes exclusively and you will be able to read the new installment we have already posted on the kiosk, Isabel Preysler’s daughter was vaccinated during her idyllic honeymoon in South Africa to prevent pregnancy for at least the next three months. This is what many experts told us after consultation. “When traveling to South Africa, the Hepatitis A vaccine is recommended. If you also visit the Kruger National Park (which this couple did), you must also be vaccinated against malaria. This means you have to take a pill a day ( Malarone) up to a week from the same day you arrive, and wait at least three months to conceive. Pregnancy before then is contraindicated due to the extremely high risk of complications and deformities”, they told us from the traveler’s department Carlos III Hospital, Madrid.

The couple is in a relationship with Sotogrande's close Luisa


For the vaccines, Tamara Falcó admits that she is undergoing a natural fertility treatment called Fertilitas, She has to wait until November to think about the baby. Íñigo Onieva has expressed his desire to have a large family and hopes to have three children. “For me, it’s a perfect number. I hope God will bless us with it,” he said after the link. despite this, Happily married and in love as you can see in the exclusive photos You will only find our hard copies in kiosks. The images correspond to their stay in the small town of Sotogrande in Cádiz, where they arrived after their honeymoon, enjoying the beach, having dinner with some friends and family, and attending close friends Luisa Berger and Christian Flores’ wedding. On August 26, our country’s financial and business elite gathered in this small town. Tamara, who witnessed the marriage of her best friend and who introduced her to Íñigo, chose for the occasion a floral dress from the new Fall/Winter collection by Pedro del Hierro&TFP , priced at 289 euros. Run to the kiosks and find out all the details about Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva in the new issue of DIEZ MINUTES!

The Marchioness of Grignon and her husband share the cover with Maria Del Monte and Jeanne Hermoso


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